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  • I was looking @ the timezone correction settings on my site, and adjusted it to match (I moved WP off my dev server to the production server). The posts were listing the old times still – I had not adjusted the timezone the first time.
    I then realized that it was statically rendering the dates per post! This is a potential nightmare, and I contend that NO correction is better than static correction.
    This should be quite easy to fix (I’ve done it before). As for upgrades, we can have the installer prompt the user for their currently set offset (or the one stored, after a confirmation) and the script can subtract the previously set static offsets. Then it will be compliant with current settings.
    Note: This will neccessitate that dates drawn from the DB come out GMT and nothing else.

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  • I agree all datetime stuff should be stored in GMT. It’s just a matter of doing it.

    *ahem* Would you like me to look into it?
    This would only involve posts, right? That shouldn’t be too difficult. After storing in GMT, I’ll edit the display stuff, and make that autocorrect. This will add a tiny amount of processing time required (per post/day). Not more than 0.01s on a page with 50 posts though (i tested this sometime last year).

    Posts, comments and modification dates… I think. 🙂

    I am starting to look into this, and quite likely will attempt to fix it in a backwards compatible manner
    oohhhh! the pain!

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