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    Hi, Jeroen –

    First, let me congratulate you. This is a beautiful plugin. I was looking into the possibility of replacing a series of custom (but currently non-performant) plugins with this one, and while the plugin succeeds admirably with most tasks, there are a few things I wanted to check to see if I could either get into the tracker or get a quote from you on implementing.

    The small stuff:

    1) In the timetable extension, it’s desirable (and intuitive) to have the times simply be clickable to purchase tickets. However, when displaying the events elsewhere on the site, I would prefer that the link text read “Purchase Tickets”. Is it possible to have a setting where the timetable extension will automatically create a link to the ticket using the time of the event, but outside of the timetable extension, it uses the standard ticket link verbiage (ie, “Buy Tickets”)?

    2) We only have two venues, and lots and lots of events at each venue, so it’s a bit of a drag typing in their name each time. Would it be possible to be able to keep a list of venues in the main plugin, then have a drop-down menu of venues for the events?

    3) In the widgets, would it be possible to add the ability to use arguments like pagination or grouping? (Or is this possible within the template, and I just missed it in the docs?)

    The big stuff:

    1) The calendar widget and shortcode don’t work when when I have multiple events on the same day – which I always do. The links go to /sample-page/year/month/day/, which does not exist. (I could create that page manually, but that would be a real drag.) They work without issue when there is a single event for the day – the link is to that single event’s permalink. This is, unfortunately, a dealbreaker, and I hope that I’m just doing something wrong.

    2) Right now, we have a month calendar view, which is the most popular view on our web site. You can see it here: How hard would it be to implement a similar view – a month calendar, with every day’s events visible, with the names, times and a ticket link (or image!) of each show? I totally understand that this is not trivial, and would almost invariably be a paid, custom plugin.

    3) Pagination by week would be really, really nice.

    Anyway, thanks for your help! So far, it’s been great working with the plugin, and the speed and beauty of it greatly eclipse what we’re using today.


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  • Also, is there documentation for [wpt_events_grid]? In particular – and I shouldn’t have assumed the plugin did this – I was hoping to have a grid of *productions* rather than events.

    Plugin Author Jeroen Schmit


    Hi Dave!

    Thank for using the plugin and the extensions! I’ll happily help you with all of your questions.

    I have however a small request for you: can you please post each question as a separate issue in the forum? That way I can answer you questions without things getting mixed up. Also, other users may be better able to find answer if they run into the same problems.


    Sure thing! I’m on the road right now, though, so if this doesn’t happen until tomorrow morning, that’s why.

    Thanks for the quick response!

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