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timestamp in 2.7.1

  • Hello!! I am very new to WordPress and I am not familiar with code, so please bear with me. The timestamps on my posts are stuck on March 3, 2009 and are inaccurate. Some of my older posts are stuck on a random date in February. Could this be due to the fact that I switched from WordPress.com to WordPress.org? Here’s my url so you can see what I mean: http://www.itsgreattobehome.net.

    How can I fix this? Thanks for your help!!

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  • designsimply



    I looked at the feeds for itsgreattobehome.net, and the dates look correct there, so I think your WordPress install itself is working properly. Please try changing to the default theme. If the dates are correct in the default theme, then check the code in the theme to make sure the March 3, 2009 date is not hard coded into the theme somehow.

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