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  • For some reason, the timestamp can’t be edited for drafts. It shows the form to edit it, and you can type new times into the fields, but when you click “Save” it doesn’t update it. The “Edit Timestamp” box IS checked.

    The problem with this is that when you Publish an article that was started 4 days ago, it is posting it “4 days ago.”

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  • Saving while in draft status to updates the time right along, but publishing seems to go with the last saved-draft date and time. This may be intentional.

    Seems to work fine for me (just tested with a 10 min gap).

    I just go back into admin, click “write”, where I am presented with a list of my drafts (and just below that the space to start writing a new post). I just click the draft I want to start editing, and it automatically ticks the “edit timestamp” box and changes the time to represent the current time, and reflects this when publishing.

    Is that how you’re doing it?

    When I save a draft, the time updates. If I go back in a few minutes and click the ‘publish’ button, or tick the publish box and then the ‘save’ button, the time does not change from that of the last saved draft.

    Seems intentional to me.

    Hmm…okay. Well then how would I make the timestamp update on Publish? That’s the real issue because articles are getting published at the wrong times.

    Change the date/time manually, then publish.

    @pericat – no luck. editing manually and publishing doesn’t work. It still posts at the time it was originally started as a draft

    I hate to keep bumping this but I also hate that it’s still a problem.

    Same problem here. I need to introduce posts that were written long time ago so the timestamp needs to be changed. ‘Edit timestamp’ is checked, date is changed, then I save but the original timestamp remains, no changes appear
    Help please!

    I have the same problem. I’d love to add in old posts to my blog but no matter how many times I change the date and check the “edit timestamp” button, the post displays the current time and date. Is there a fix for this??

    Hi Callistawolf,
    I’ve solved the problem this way:
    Write the post, change the timestamp (checking the appropriate box previously) and then click on the ‘Publish’ button, not on ‘save’. It will be posted using the ‘old’ date.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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