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  • I love WebLibrarian, but I found having to click “Circulation Desk”, then click the barcode input box, then scan the barcode, then click “Lookup Barcode”, then select Patron, then click “Lookup Patron” then finally click “Checkout Item” to be too many steps to simply check out a book. So I added a little simple jQuery to speed things up. Just add:

      jQuery('#barcode').keypress(function (e) {
            var key = e.which;
            if(key == 13)  // the enter key code
             jQuery('input[name = barcodelookup]').click();
             return false;
      jQuery('#patronid').change(function() {
            jQuery('input[name = patronlookup]').click();
            return false;

    right before the last }); at the bottom of the file /wp-content/plugins/weblibrarian/js/admin.js

    What this does:

    1. Focus is automatically placed in the “Scanned Barcode” field when the Circ desk page is loaded.

    2. When you use a barcode scanner to enter the barcode, it automatically clicks the “Barcode Lookup” button (this won’t work if your barcode scanner doesn’t emulate pressing the “enter” key after outputting the barcode, but most scanners do this).

    3. Finally, when a patron id is selected, “Lookup Patron” is automatically clicked.

    So to check out a book, you can now click “Circulation Desk”, scan your barcode, select your patron, and click “Checkout Item” without the intermediate clicks.

    Hope this helps someone.

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  • Plugin Author Robert Heller


    *Evergreen’s* UI / workflow is like this:

    1) Scan patron’s barcode (library cards have bar codes) OR lookup patron (eg by name) when a patron forgets his/her library card. This opens the patron’s record (eg ‘Lookup Patron’).

    2) Then with the checkout tab selected (default), one can then just scan item barcodes.

    Maybe you can ‘swap’ the order of functionality (and yes, the web librarian will let you do that — the only reason *I* have been suggesting selecting the item before the patron is that is useful if you *don’t* have a bar code scanner and are selecting the item to be checked out from the collection list (possibly after doing a item search).

    I did not write the WebLibrarian to support *patron* barcodes, but I could possibly add that at some point.

    I think I was unclear about what I was trying to accomplish. I don’t scan patron barcodes either. I’m starting the checkout process by scanning the book’s barcode.

    My scenario is this: a small classroom library of a few hundred books where a class of elementary students will walk up with a book they want to check out for the day. There are a million other things going on around me at all times, sometimes they are coming up as the bell rings, etc., so a speedy workflow is essential.

    The above modification lets them hand me the book, I scan it, select their name, hit check out, hand them back the book and I’m done. This scenario may not apply to anyone else and wasn’t intended to be a criticism of the overall workflow – I think Weblibrarian is an excellent and valuable add-on to wordpress.

    I’m just trying to share what I’ve done in case anyone else wants to do the same thing.

    Plugin Author Robert Heller


    I understand. I was just pointing out the workflow that Evergreen uses.
    It does seem to me that if someone was taking out 2 (or more) items at a time (which is actually not uncommon at our library), it might make sense to select the patron first, and then scan each item in succession, rather than scaning an item, selecting the patron, than scaning the next item and then re-selecting the patron. The Evergreen work flow seems like it might be a better work flow. Just a thought.

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