• I’ve been using Microthemer for a long time now (a year or two) and just realised I never posted a comment here (use the full version, so don’t really come here to download it)…

    Microthemer is one of the few plugins I install on every WP site, along with backup and security plugins…

    I know CSS and even teach it, so I can code manually without any problem… BUT this tool makes it so easy and fast to make a change and saves you so much time because you can see right away the effect of your modifications (forget about the “type your code, save it, go to the page, go back to your code, save it again, go check your page, etc…)! And version 5 has added so many great features!

    I like it so much that I even created a 30+ video training site on how to use it with one of the theme I work with…!

    So, if you know how to code, it will save you time… If you don’t know how to code, it will allow you to do things you never thought were possible…! And one of it’s strength is the ability to target specific screen size, so ideal for responsive web sites!

    One other thing I really like is that because of it, 90% of the time I don’t need to create a child theme anymore, since the CSS modifications are apart of the theme itself…!

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    Thanks for sharing your experience of using Microthemer Nelmedia! Great to hear that you’ve saved time using Microthemer as a CSS coder. Please feel free to share a link to your training videos 🙂

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    Well, this is a private site I built for people buying Microthemer through my link, but my main goal was always to promote Microthemer itself, since I think it’s a wonderful product and I want people to buy it to support it’s development… At this price for an unlimited lifetime license, it’s a no brainer for me…!

    The site is https://microthemer.nelmedia.ca

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