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    I am still confused about a few things mostly related to Times, Deadlines & Match Deletions. Here is a summary:

    1. Under the “Plugin Options”, I have selected the “One Stop Date” under the Prediction Options. See Screenshot If I create a different pick sheet every week, I know I can use the “Match Types” field to differentiate them from one another (e.g. Week 1, Week 2, etc.). I would assume I have to change the Prediction Stop Date each week accordingly. By changing that date every week, will it allow cheating participants to go back to the previous week and change their picks?
    2. When examining the test matches I have created, there is a “local time” listed for each game. See Screenshot This time appears to be the time that I actually created the match-up. I’m just wondering why that is necessary and if I can turn that field “off”.
    3. The times in the UTC column appear to differ from one another (by minutes) in a way that corresponds to the variation in times listed in the “local time” column. See Screenshot Shouldn’t these times be the same for all the matches in that group if the “One Stop Date” option has been selected?
    4. During my testing, I have deleted previously created matches. Even though the matches were successfully deleted, the previously awarded point totals are still being carried forward. What must I do to zero them out?
    5. Likewise, even though I have deleted previous matches, the consecutive numbering system of all matches continues including the numbers that were assigned to the previous (deleted) matches. How can I restart that numbering system?
    6. Is there any existing report (spreadsheet) that will present everyone’s picks for a given week with the matches listed across the top and the usernames listed down the left side?
      • Thank you for your patience.

      I am not a programmer, so I won’t be offended if you provide extra detail that will help me and others like me. 🙂

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    1. If all matches are played at (almost) the same time on the same day, I think it’s safer to just use the dynamic time. Calculate the number of seconds for 3-4 days and use that as a value for the dynamic stop time. I think – but I haven’t tested it – that setting the stop date 1 week later will let users change the matches. Which is not what you want when the week is ‘closed’.
    2. That field is just for reference. UTC dates are sometimes confusing to people and it helps to see what the local time is (according to the WordPress settings).
    3. No. The UTC time should be the exact time the match is played, not the stop time. This time is used for sorting of the scores (when calculating the ranking), display in the match table and for determining if a match is still editable for a user when using the dynamic stop time.
    4. The points are ‘cached’ in a scorehistory table in the database. If you change matches or other info that affects the ranking, you should do a calculation.
    5. The match number is a unique key in the database (primary key). It is not possible to re-use match numbers for matches that were deleted. Only possibility is download the matches as a csv (with the download button on the matches admin screen) and then bulk upload (import & overwrite) that same information. But this will cause all predictions to be deleted, so during a season I wouldn’t recommend this :). But I don’t really understand why the match numbering is important to you.
    6. There are some views in the plugin: shortcodes and default pages that show predictions. Click on a user name or on the pie-chart icon behind a match to see if this is what you need. There is a setting in the options screen to allow predictions to be always visible (default setting only shows predictions for matches when users can’t change them anymore).


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