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  • This is terrible. I continue to get server issues over and over with this host for my recent blog. They tell me, “but I can pull it up” or “oh you can’t count on that information being correct”…Now this is despite having numerous, page cannot be displayed issues, timeouts, can’t find URL, error 500’s….for a week now and I have only had my WP site is new. I have other NON WordPress sites on this server as well.

    You be the judge. This is with GATE.COM

    I have been on the phone with this host sooo much in the past week, that I sware they take me less seriously each time I call.

    Net Mechanic monitored my server for the past 8 hours and sent me this report.

    Ironically another domain I have with them I also decided to monitor at the same time, for a comparison, came back as rated GOOD. It also came back as an APACHE server. This one below is supposeadly on the same type.

    Report For:
    Date: Wed 24 Jan
    Time: 19:00 – 3:00 USA Eastern Time
    Server Type: Unknown

    Overall Rating: POOR

    Performance Summary
    Event: Your Server’s

    Host Ping: 30000.00 millisec
    DNS Look Up: 0.02 sec
    Connect Time: 9.41 sec
    Download Time: (10k file) 9.87 sec
    Timeouts: 10

    Host Ping: Indicates the network speed between your server and ours.
    DNS Look Up: Indicates the time required to look up your server’s address in the DNS database.
    Connect Time: The time required to open a network connection to your server.
    Download Time
    (10k file): The time which would be required to download a 10k file from your server.
    Number of Timeouts: The number of times your server failed to respond within 30 seconds.
    Percentile: The percentage of server’s tested by our robot which ranked below your server.

    Warning areas are highlighted in dark yellow; problem areas are highlighted in red.

    Understanding Your Results
    When a Web browser retrieves a page from a Web server, the two computers follow several steps:

    The browser looks up the server’s address using a Domain Name Server (DNS) query.
    The browser and the server establish a network connection.
    The browser sends an HTTP request across the Internet to the server.
    The server retrieves the requested page from its file system (or memory cache) and sends it to the browser.
    The data travels back across the Net to the browser.
    The time required for each of these steps is addressed in the Performance Measures table of your Server Check Pro results.

    Step (1), the time required to lookup your server’s address, is shown by the “DNS Lookup” line. If the DNS system is working correctly this time is rarely a significant portion of the overall time required to deliver a Web page.

    If your server’s DNS Lookup time is large this probably indicates a problem on our end of the connection, or in the DNS system in general. A long lookup time usually indicates that we didn’t find your server’s address in our local DNS server and had to query other DNS servers to find it. You might see this behavior if your domain name is new. Remember that it can take several days before a new domain name has circulated through the Internet’s DNS system.

    Also note that the DNS system sometimes has problems. The system had a major outage on 17 July 1997 which made an estimated 35% of the Net unavailable. The ripple effects of this crash lasted for several days as “non-existent host/domain” messages circulated through the system.

    Step (2), the time required to establish a network connection, is shown by the “Connection Time” line. Long connection times can be due to a configuration problem in your server or to large number of users accessing your server at the same time. Possible configuration problems include:

    Your server’s TCP listen queue may be set too small. This is often a problem on older versions of UNIX. The steps needed to change this parameter depend on the particular variant of UNIX used by your server and are too complex to cover here.
    Your Web server software may not be configured to support enough connections. The steps needed to change this depend on your Web server. For Apache this is set by the MaxClients server directive. This value is set to 150 by default, meaning that 150 users can be connected to your server at the same time.
    We don’t directly measure steps (3) and (5), the time required for data to travel across the Internet. However, we estimate this by measuring the “Host Ping” time for communications with your server. Each time we test your server we also “ping” it by measuring the round trip time for a small packet of information to travel between our computer and your server.

    This ping response is generated by the network driver on your computer, rather than the Web server. HTTP responses will be affected by the load on your Web server, but pings will not. The ping time therefore gives an idea of the network performance independent of the Web server’s performance.

    The “Host Ping” line shows this round trip time. A high host ping time could be due to a slow network connect or to heavy traffic on the network.

    Step (4), the time required to retrieve the requested file and send it over the Net, is indicated by the “Download Time”. We show this time for a notional 10 kilobyte file to allow a better comparison of your server’s performance with other servers.

    Long Download Times can be due to resource problems within your Web server. Possible causes include:

    Your server’s CPU may be overloaded.
    Your server may not have enough RAM.
    Your server’s hard drive may have a long access time.
    Your server may not be caching frequently requested pages in memory.
    A large number of requests for unique files may be causing your server to repeatedly access the hard drive.
    Your Web pages may be generated by CGI scripts which take time to execute or require disk access.
    Your Web pages may include Server Side Includes which require disk access.
    We assign your server an Overall Grade based on your Download Time. We compare your server’s 10k Download Time to the statistical distribution of the same data for all other servers tested by our robot. Your grade will be as follows:

    Excellent – Your server performed better than 80% of the servers we have tested.
    Very Good – Your server performed better than 60% of the servers we have tested.
    Good – Your server performed better than 40% of the servers we have tested.
    Fair – Your server performed better than 20% of the servers we have tested.
    Poor – Your server ranked in the bottom 20% of servers we have tested.

    I am appauled that they are just brushing this aside as if its not there problem.

    So if not, whos is it then??? If I am missing something here that could be causing this, other than the above, please let me know.

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  • As of 6:12AM (PST) I couldn’t retrieve your site. It timed out and returned a “404” error. Hope this helps.

    Comment: Life’s too short, and there are too many alternatives. Move to another host and be rid of the stress.

    I fear this is going to be my only recourse…finding a new host.

    Does anyone have a good recommendation?

    Should I find one who already has a one-click WP install?

    If they offer this will it be the most current WP edition? Those that offer a one-click install for their WP, is is automatically updated when new versions come out?

    If so will it mess up my blog?

    Rigth now it appears I have a backup created with my plugin:

    WordPress Database Backup.

    Is this all I would need for the most part, to upload?

    I just don’t want to make the same mistake twice. Enough of this….

    I would also need a host that offers phone support in case I get hung up and doesn’t have the word DUH in their vocabulary when it comes to WP. LOL

    I am currently running WP 2.06


    That’s fairly sad.
    I recommend “A Small Orange”.
    As an installer, I have never had a problem and their support is top notch.

    I ended up switching from GATE.COM to through a personal recommendation from someone who hosts 14 sites there with NO downtime or latency issues at all and I have to tell you…. not ONLY did they upload my files for FREE and upgraded me to 2.1 from 2.6 automatically, my site is now flying at lighteneing speed!!!!!!!!!

    Everything is running perfect, speed is amazing.

    Unbelievable. Sometimes its all in the host guys.

    Good riddance GATE.COM LOL

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