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  1. six06
    Posted 6 years ago #

    about a month ago i noticed that when i tried to update one of my pages that when i tried to save it, i got a network timeout in doing so. subsequently, i was unable to access ANY part of my site [i'd get the same error]. tried it from a different computer and still same result. [meanwhile, my site is up, people can access it, no problem on THAT end].

    i cleared my cache, rebooted, even tried a different browser. nothing

    after a couple of days, i was able to access it again. this ONLY happened when i tried updating THAT PARTICULAR page.

    i figured it was time i updated to the latest version of WP. so i did.

    unfortunately, it happened once again.

    i tried accessing my HOST'S site [cyberpixels] but i can't even access that.


    anyone have any clue what this could be? it's going on a week since i was last able to access the site.

  2. six06
    Posted 6 years ago #

    rather, i tried UPDATING from a different computer and got the same result. that computer was my work computer and all the other computers in my office also could not access my site [i suspect because we're all on the same network]. perhaps some IP conflict?

  3. alism
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Disconnect from the internet and reconnect / reboot your internet router/modem (so you get a different IP address the next time you connect).

    Can you access it then?

    (I'm taking a guess that you don't have a static IP address)

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