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  • Question: When you create a Zip file of the database, does that zip file contain any special data you put there or it a ‘vanilla’ zip file?

    I want to clone only the DB from one site to another. To test, I installed WP Clone at a small source site and at my target site, created the zipped DB, restored successfully at target site.

    When I tried to create a Zip of the DB at much larger site, it ended in blank screen – assume it timed out. It did NOT create a Zip file. I have no control over timeout values on the source site but I can FTP down the entire DB and zip it on my PC, then bring it to into my target site.

    Would this work?

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  • Downloaded the source DB and zipped it on my PC, uploaded to another location and pointed the Restore to that zip filed.
    Got following failoure:

    Error Message : Cannot read /home2/targetdomain/public_html/wp-content/wpclone-temp/mysql/database.sql

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    yeah you should be able to do that,however,you should keep the directory structure the same.
    all the files are located inside a folder named ‘wpclone_backup’,so basically,you should create a folder on your computer and name it as ‘wpclone_backup’,and then copy the sql file into it,make sure that it’s named as ‘database.sql’ (windows hides the extension by default so you’ll have to keep that in mind). there’s another text file containing the table prefix of the old site named ‘prefix.txt’,you should create a new text file inside the above folder and enter the table prefix in the fist line (only the prefix,and be sure to use notepad or something similar).
    if you have a backup created by wpclone,take a look at it,it would make more sense than my description 🙂

    I just did a ‘DB only’ backup from s small site, then FTPd down the contents of the resulting WP-Clone folder built by the backup.

    It contains the following:

    specifying Options All -Indexes

    completely empty

    The zipped copy of the database

    There is no ‘prefix.txt’ file to serve as a model,
    although I vaguely recall seeing one the first time I went through this process – think it specified ‘-wp’.

    The DB on my big site is in a folder called ‘bigsite_wp’ so I assume I need to build a prefix.txt specifying ‘bigsite_wp’.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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