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  • All,

    I am looking for a plugin that is similar to many that I have found on the but they are missing one feature.

    – WordPress v1.5.2.
    – Just starting (past week) to really get into this type of content management (was using FrontPage before, simple but weak for what I want to do)
    -Searched various places for Quote pluggin that has a time feature

    – Of the plugins that I found, they all work wonderfully, but they do not allow for a time to be set for the quote to be displayed
    – i.e. everytime the page is refreshed, a new/different quote appears
    – I’m not sure if this is possible

    – A personal quote grabber that picks up a quote from a text file(database style as well)
    – The quote is displayed on a page for a specified amount of time
    – After the time expires, the plugin goes and grabs a different quote to diplay for the time alloted
    – if it would remember which quotes it picked and not pick them again, that would put me a stripper and a slice of pizza away from paradise… 🙂

    Side note:
    if there is an image display/viewer plugin that does this same thing that would be cool. not trying to be lazy just hadn’t gotten to it yet(that will be next week)

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  • I wrote one a while back that does exactly this, with the exception that it doesn’t remember which quote’s it has pulled out.

    It’s incredibly simple but I’ve not yet converted it to WP1.5

    I’ll transfer it to the WP1.5 plugin style today and “release” it as soon as possible.

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