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  • Hi. First time here!

    I´m running a live video channel,, wich is NOT broadcasting 24/7. So, the moments we´re not alive, there´s nothing on the screen. The main screen is a Ustream code shown trought an Iframe, couse the theme go crazy if I use a widget like “text” with the code. So, here´s my question: Is there any widget/code I can use to switch between iframes or codes that let me broadcast video codes fron othe channels and can be configured by days, hours and minutes and do the job? My goal, any time my live broadcast starts or ends, the code switchs between my channel and the others.
    I found “Timed widget”, and what they say it does is just what I need. But:
    a – don´t refresh live (got to F5 the page to see the change)
    b – don´t work (shows an error on line 33 and I couldn´t find the support).

    thanks for any aswer.

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