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    Thanks for the plugin, and continued support – good to see you have made changes to accommodate the leap year.

    I wanted to query how this plugin decides which day is being quoted. Perhaps you have answered this kind of query before, but I haven’t been able to find a support thread related to the subject (sorry if you have and are repeating yourself).

    From my understanding, it appears that the Daily Quotes are based upon the setting of the website in WordPress – is that correct? This means that while a dated quote, such as I feature on my website, could be showing as JANUARY 28TH, in another part of the world – in a different time zone – the date could either be the 27th or even 29th.

    What this means, if correct, is that persons viewing a web page in different parts of the world would be seeing an incorrect quote – the wrong day/date – because this plugin is not basing the quote displayed on where the person viewing the quote is located, but rather from the website itself – is that correct? I may have this completely wrong.

    If what I have stated is along the right lines, is there a way of ensuring people see quotes based on the date it is where they are viewing the webpage from? Can the plugin draw the date from the viewers browser, computer settings, or the like to ensure that they see the corresponding date/quote for the day it actually is where they are?

    Thanks for your advice and ongoing support.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    The plugin time is based on the server. It would a lot more complex to deal with the local client and is highly unlikely.

    The day will be within a one day. I have seen this before myself. For example information posted in the EU will say a time before my USA one. Thus it looks like a future post.

    What you could do is simply add a note based on server time or insert the current server date.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I realised that it might be a somewhat complexed to change it in the manner I suggested.

    However, you stated:

    ‘What you could do is simply add a note based on server time or insert the current server date.’

    To be honest, I’m not sure what you mean here. Would you mind giving me a little more detail about this proposal? Thanks for your assistance, otherwise.


    Plugin Author Jeremy O'Connell


    It is simply adding some text that explains to visitors, above or below the quote, that information changes are based on server time.

    “Daily quote changes based on local server time – Central/USA”

    As for reading the visitors’ browsers that is possible with AJAX however this day in age is probably more seen as a privacy issue: GDPR and all. I am personally someone that values privacy and security and seriously doubt I’ll add that for little gain. I just don’t see a big deal returning to a site regardless of its timezone to see the next day’s information even if a date doesn’t align with local time. Time and date mismatches are common in our multinational world.

    So an AJAX call to read browser’s time, then parse it, and send it to the plugin for the server to process the outcome. It seems like spying to me.

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    Thanks for the information, I now understand what you were trying to say.

    It is certainly your plugin to do with as you see fit. However, to try and say that getting information from a browser for the benefit of those using a website constitutes spying seems a bit far fetched in my opinion.

    An example is that some people live in foreign countries. If it were not for the fact that the browser collecting certain information, location, timezone, whatever, then the likelihood is that the person browsing from France, Germany, China or whatever would be seeing the website in English.

    What happens, and I’ve observed it happen, is that the browser either gets language and location info from the browser/setting or the operating system (Windows language settings). The result is that people in different places see relevant content in their own language/area relevant to them. This is certainly *not* considered ‘spying’. In fact, it is viewed by most as necessary, invaluable. It appears to be normal practice.

    Still, I thank you for your plugin as it currently stands and for your input on this particular issue.


    Plugin Author Jeremy O'Connell


    Well to respond yes and no.

    It is true the useragent reports a lot of information. This includes the language, OS, resolution, etc of the visitor’s system. Those can be helpful in the user experience. For example the language string.

    There are many sites, including some I have programmed, that detect the language then load the correct file. The resolution is also important as the site can change although this is mainly done on the client side for a properly coded site.

    The IP for the client will be known too because the server must respond back to that request. From that IP GeoIP services may be deployed to figure out the location the IP is registered, which may not mean the client (for example VPNs). I have used the useragent string for security checks in some projects.

    However the timezone is not part of the useragent. There is no server call for the timezone. Instead one must use Javascript (well tested for sure) to run local calculations on the user side and have the user’s browser then post that information to the server. The server may then take that information and parse it. All technically doable and actually not complex.

    Still this information is not offered freely like the language string. You are now running custom code to scrap additional local information. Yes I know, as stated, a site could just GeoIP the visitor and then use that data. Still that is lot more calculating to do than grabbing it from the browser.

    The issue here this would catch all people, with Javascript on, and not just people who have agreed to such actions like in a forum. For this reason I feel this totally violates the GDPR and spirit of privacy. So while we give up a lot to use the Internet and can’t stop parts of it for a general use plugin where people won’t always be logged in I just feel that goes a little to far.

    I hope that clairfies my reasoning about it. 🙂

    I personally don’t like all this spying which as a DevOPs person puts me at odds. There are necessary bits of information needed but at the same time there is a line. I don’t even use Windows and nor does my company for privacy and security reasons. We are a total Linux desktop and server company. I personally only use desktop Linux.

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    Thanks for taking the time to further clarify your position. Of course, you know far better than me in this particular subject (I’ve got no clue, besides being an internet user).

    As it is, I use only Windows PCs – the vast majority of PC users will also be using Windows based systems (as well as Android phones, and (to a lesser degree) Apple systems).

    At any rate, I’d like to see you develop your plugin to utilise some means of displaying quotes based on the correct date and time of the actual person viewing the website, and not based off of the time of the server settings I’m running the website from (I realise that’s unlikely from what you’ve stated).

    I do know of websites that are running quotes which are able to take into account the time/location of the user and changes the date/quote accordingly – I think these websites are running some type of Java script system (certainly not a WordPress plugin).

    As I do not have the necessary technical know-how to implement such a mechanism – and no interest in trying to learn – I have no choice but to go with what’s available (and that’s pretty good!).

    If you find a way to implement such changes without violating your conscience, and respecting the privacy of users, that’d be great. Otherwise, your plugin is certainly very good as is currently stands – and meets my needs otherwise.

    Perhaps the only other thing I could ask for is some means of the user/visitor being able to manually move between quotes – <- last quote or -> next quote – type mechanism whereby if the displayed dated quote is incorrect, the person has the ability to go to the next day/quote, or previous day/quote (if there’s a way of doing that now, I’d love to be able to implement it).

    Once again, thanks for your replies, hard work and continued support.

    All the best.

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    Plugin Author Jeremy O'Connell


    No problem. Thanks for using the plugin and I am glad it meets a need.

    I’ll think about feature you suggested.

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