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  • For some reason the time on the blog is not correct, I have it set to be in the NY Time Zone, but the time displaying is still the time of the default UTC while it should be UTC -5.

    Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

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  • Where does your blog display the wrong time?

    Under Settings > General in your dashboard, you should see “utc time is …” followed by “local time is …”, beside the timezone dropdown. If the local time is correct then you may want to check to make sure your theme isn’t set to display times in UTC.

    I never had a problem with this theme before, it just started recently.

    Have you updated anything recently, like WP core or plugins, or possible even the theme? Have you double checked in Settings > General to make sure it is in fact still set to Eastern Standard Time?

    I recently started having this problem, too. My WordPress displays as a calendar with an asterik on today’s date, but it starts appearing on tomorrow’s date at 6pm. I recently set up a plugin that exports posts as an iCal feed and all the times are showing up 6 hours later than they should.

    I have repeatedly checked the time zone settings and even tried changing the time zone of my server, but my WordPress installation still thinks it is UTC instead of Chicago/UTC-6. It was working properly within the past few weeks…

    What version of PHP are each of you running. The time zone functions work best in PHP 5+ (I think 5.1+ to be exact but can’t remember). The devs had to do some serious hacking to make it run on PHP 4. I know it wasn’t perfect and if I recall correctly, some code went into what will be WP 3.0 to help fix things. Instead of setting time to NY/Chicago, have either of you tried setting the time like you did in previous versions, like -0500/-0600?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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