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    Hi all, i believe this is an issue caused by the latest WordPress updates. We are in New York UTC-5, I have always had the WP general settings set to “New York” as our time zone. recently all my events are off by 5hrs. the only solution i could find was change the WP general setting to UTC-5 afraid that might bugger up or confuse users….

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @wclune

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Please check out this thread and specifically the answer the link goes to. That might give a clue about this issue.

    Let us know if that helps.


    Hi, I also got an issue with timzones or DST.

    since tha last update (I think) the event times are shown with 1h offset. I changed nothing in my configuration. I also checked the wordpress configuration and the Events Calendar configuration. All seem to be correct.

    The Time in this Event ist set to 19:00 – 22:00 but is shown as 18:00 – 21:00:

    @wclune post idecates that that all times are shown as UTC or CET (in my case). Without any local offset.

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    I was able to “fix” this by changing my default time zone in the general setting to UTC-5 (were in NY, USA) hopefully nothing else breaks! This is no doubt because of the recent WordPress update….

    @wclune hm ok. That also quickfixed the issue here. But I’m worried. We got DST here and surely will forget to set the dst manually

    We both have a plugin that is using a method of retrieving time that WordPress feels is not good enough anymore and its breaking Events. I don’t have time to dig though them all, nor would i be able to fix it anyway. I am hoping that whatever it is will get updated on its own fixing the issue.
    IMHO it is another example of how WordPress has gotten to big for us little guys….

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    Well,.. using UTC Offset broke my iCal Feeds. 😩



    Having the same issue here. The time zone was set to Los Angeles and events were displaying 8 hours later. Changed it to UTC-8 and “fixed” the issue for now.

    I only got trouble in Events Calender. Posts, sites and the displayd time on the dashboard are fine.

    I was hoping todays “update” to this plugin would fix it, it didn’t at least for me…
    Classic Press is starting to look really good right now!

    Nope, no change for me either

    Plugin Contributor András Guseo


    Hi all,

    Sorry to hear about the timezone issues.

    Our recommendation is to set your WordPress time zone under Settings > General to a city-based time zone, like ‘Los Angeles’ and not UTC based.
    If you have it UTC based you will likely have issues when DST comes. The city based timezone accounts for that automatically.

    The second piece of the puzzle is the timezone you set for the event itself. That, also should be city based and not UTC based.

    And the third important setting is under Events > Settings > General tab > Time Zone Settings > Time zone mode. This will impact at what time the event will show up on the website.

    WP time zone: Los Angeles
    Event time zone & time: Zürich 10am

    If you are using site-wide time zone, then on the front-end the event will show up at 1am LA time. (LA is the site-wide timezone and the event time will be recalculated.)

    If you are using manual time zone, then on the front-end the event will show up at 10am. (In this case enabling the Show time zone setting is also recommended so the visitors see that it is 10am Zurich/Europe time.)

    I hope this clarifies this part a bit.

    It is still also worth looking into the issue I flagged earlier.

    A lot of users have already reported back to us that they found the source of the issue and once they deactivated the respective plugin (I didn’t see a case where it would have been The Events Calendar) or the theme, the issue got solved.

    Hope this helps.


    Well I must update The issue turned out to be another plugin, I turned off all the plugins and turned them back on one at a time, the offending plugin was our CORE membership plug “wp-emember” from tips and tricks HQ

    Plugin Contributor András Guseo


    Hi @wclune

    Thanks for reporting back! Happy to hear you found the source of the issue!


    How do you do! My name is damonde from Japan. I’m sorry to cut into your topic.
    I have a time zone problem, too. And I posted like you, but no answer. And today I find your topic like mine. Please help me, too!
    The time zone of wp-admin is Asia/Tokyo, but in the block of a new event post page it is displayed UTC. Even if I change the time zone setting method of the configuration, the block time zone is always UTC, so I have to change it manually each time. I tried to disable themes and plugins. But nothing has changed.
    I think it was working correctly 3 months ago. Please tell me how to display the time zone Asia/Tokyo in the block.
    WordPress 5.4.2 Theme: Lightning Using:Elementor

    Plugin Contributor András Guseo


    Hi @damonde

    Resolved issues get very little attention. So in these cases it is best to open a new topic.

    I saw you other topics, so I’m going to leave this resolved and will continue here:


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