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  • I believe we all appreciate the time and effort you guys put into the development of this new user experience. Honestly, I can see the idea behind this tool and from your point of view this might look like an improvement to WordPress.

    So, for a service like this may be a good addition to the core functionality but for users and developers (usually not two different people) who decided for – because of the flexibility and the possibility to make their very own decisions what tools to use in their install – this editor is redundant.

    I have read all the reviews (and also the Gutenberg-lovers’ replies) and it seems that it is not really a discussion. The question on what is missing in this editor is useless if people simply do not want such a feature in their install.
    All you do is trying to convince people that it would only take time to get used to a modern technology. In my eyes this is bullshit. I myself love new features – if they are useful.

    How you handle this approach of forcing ALL of your users to install a new plugin to disable this editor is absolutely unprofessional and I cannot see why you not already realize the bad image to WP that is arising if you pursue this behavior on ALL of your users.

    Why is there only one direction: take it or leave it ?? What kind of marketing is this? What kind of business behavior is this? What kind of market research have you done?
    And do you really believe the community will support this CMS further if decision makers behave like this to their users?

    You know what, Wix and all the other – what? – non-techie-tools are not my concern if I use a self-hosted version of WordPress. If you have competition issues you should use the service to address them if you need.

    Or you can create a non-tech-WordPress version for dummies if that is what you have in mind. Which is absolutely contrary to my idea of

    To me there is only one way to retain the good image of WordPress:
    Make it optional. Make it a plugin.
    Or, as I would have expected, simply provide a filter to not have this editor loaded.

    I DO NOT WANT TO INSTALL A DISABLE-THIS-NONSENSE-EXTRA-PLUGIN! Just to keep my site in current state.

    Now, again, what is your problem to make both sides of users happy? Simply by making this functionality optional.

    Tell me, please.

    Oh, and as this is a review:
    Of course, I have tested this plugin. On my existing sites it does not work. I get a nice white screen. Probably because I have customized and secured my installs the way I wanted and needed.
    I also tried the plugin on a fresh install with my theme installed. It works. But it works buggy. No need to go into the details of bugginess and please do not ask me because we all know that this tool is by far not ready for production.

    This review is about your behavior regarding a new tool. A tool that should be what it is. A tool. A plugin. An option.

    Not a core feature!

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    @peg20 it’s worth first saying thanks for taking the time to leave a review and feedback.

    Next, I would love to take a moment though to explore why you have a white screen on testing. It’s very much appreciated that you did test, whilst I understand you don’t want this new editor by default, your insights are valuable. It would be great to at least get you past the white screen to give some feedback. Would you be able to make a bug report here: If that is not possible, could you let me know perhaps the theme, plugins and browser you experienced the white screen in?

    Thread Starter peg


    Hi Tammie,

    what I was seeing wasn’t the “white screen of death”, it was actually a blank admin page. I did some further testing and the reason I am seeing this is simply because I deactivated the default endpoints from the REST API. So it is not a bug with the plugin. It’s an issue with my security measures.

    Nevertheless, I can only hope, that you guys take all of the bad and honest reviews seriously and rethink your decision on building this editor into core.

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