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  • I have created galleries using the default gallery function and shortcodes in WordPress, but now I want to go back and make some adjustments to them.

    How do I remove and add images to an existing gallery? Images that already are in the media library.

    (I do believe this question or similar has been asked perhaps 3 years ago.)

    I really hope that one of the features for 3.4 will be a good stable working gallery function. Alrighty. Hopefully someone has the ball and is doing a good run with it improving this feature.

    Touchdown…:) I hope.

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  • There are things that could potentially be added that are considered “Gallery” features but I have found out that with little work I can do almost anything without any plugins. Take a look at

    I looked at it and tested how easy it is to add the gallery post type into my new posts.

    I am not much of a coder but it was interesting looking through the article.

    Perhaps you have something you could share? Some of the things you have discovered?

    Thanks for the article link!

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    How do I remove and add images to an existing gallery? Images that already are in the media library.

    Given that a gallery is generated, dynamically, from the images attached to a page, either detach them or add more. That’s all.

    This means in the Media Library each image can be attached to one post or page. If I want to attach it to another I will need to upload another image?

    How do I detach an image?

    Thanks Ipstenu! Good to have you around!

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    Heya Ipstenu..:)

    This is like using bubblegum to fix a vase. The water seeps out on occasion but one just uses a mop to pick up the water. I wonder when someone will take the super glue and fix the broken vase?

    Clicking an already created gallery and going to the Media Library to attach additional images does not work natively today so we have:
    (actually on the feature list is says unattach items from current post. The plugin adds options below a post or page.)

    And if I happen to attach the wrong image or want to detach

    Some comments from the blog of the guy who created the unattach plugin.

    9 Apr 2011
    How hard would it be to add the “Unattach” button to the “Gallery” sections of posts/pages as well? I’d be nice to unattach a photo from a post/page while editing that post/page.

    11 Apr 2011
    probably not very hard. However I expect this functionality will be included in WordPress core soon (there are a couple of issues logged in trac) so it’s probably not worth spending too much time on the plugin.

    Another comment
    The plugin would be even better if it appeared as an option in the ‘bulk actions’ list, so that I could select all the erroneous images and unattach them in one hit.

    Well I hope someone this time around for 3.4 has added the extra features needed to the default gallery to function as it should. It is there but not really there.

    Thanks for the headsup Ipstenu.

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    If someone writes a patch for it, it’s got more of a chance to be included 🙂 It’s not enough of an issue yet, however.

    Open Source codes at the speed of innovation and passion.

    I went to
    and did a search on gallery.

    I am hoping that a few developers are working on the gallery feature as it is much needed by many!

    I wrote the Unattach plugin but I’ve since given up trying to use the built-in gallery.

    I find that Advanced Custom Fields (free) with the Repeater Add-on ($25 for multi-site) makes excellent image galleries that clients find easy to update. I really can’t recommend ACF enough.

    Thanks for the headsup about these plugins!

    I am more of a visual kind of guy and it seems there is a lot of possibility with these plugins I would like to find a simpler approach. I am hoping that the default gallery will get a shapelift for 3.4. Or I will either have to use your plugin or some other folks plugin and add to the default gallery. I have also tested out the NextGen Gallery but received a few different errors when trying it out so that I quickly just removed the plugin.

    So that means finding a good plugin that dances well with the default gallery both improving the other. Together making a very good match.

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