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  • Resolved andyjay83


    I was wondering if you guys could help me achieve a certain rule I’d like to create.

    I want to show a piece of content Monday-Thursday from 7AM-5PM New York time every single week.
    I want to have it be hidden from Thursday 5:01 PM to Sunday 1:59 PM New York time, every single week.
    I want to show it again from Sunday 2PM-5PM New York Time, every single week.
    I want to hide it again from Sunday 5:01PM to Monday 6:59am New York time, every single week

    And that cycle would repeat itself over and over again.

    Basically I’m trying to have a piece of content be visible Monday-Thursday between 7AM-5PM every single week and also on Sundays between 2PM-5PM every single week.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks so much for your time! (No pun intended)

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  • Plugin Author Arno Welzel


    This is not possible, sorry. Timed Content rules can only have one time period for every selected day.

    You can create rule which says “show from 7AM-5PM on Monday-Thursday” and second rule for “show 2PM-5PM on Sunday”.

    Then you have to use these two(!) rules for two(!) copies of your content like this:

    [timed-content-rule id=”1″]
    Your content here
    [timed-content-rule id=”2″]
    Your content here – just a copy of the content above.

    Please note: it is not possible to use multiple Timed Contend inside each other! So having something like [timed-content-rule id=”1″][timed-content-rule id=”2″] … [/timed-content-rule][/timed-content-rule] will NOT work!

    Having the possibility to use more than one rule in a shortcode is already on my to-do-list for a future update.

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