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  • Is there a plugin or feature that allows time-release posts?

    For example, you write 10 posts, save as draft, and specify that they should automatically be published one per day, every day. Or something like that.

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  • Built-in already. Write the post as normal. Before clicking “Publish”, check the “Edit Timestamp” checkbox and then set the date and time that you want the post to show up on your blog.

    Gotta check the box though – setting time/date alone isn’t enough.

    Wow. I’m impressed. THAT is quite amazing. Thanks!

    It’s interesting to have such an option, but I wish to do the oposite. For example, if my post has a date showing next week, I still want it to be visible.

    So that I’m able to show upcoming events, and it is important for me to let those who are not registered, or without admin rights, to see the post.

    Are there any plugins for things like that, or can I modify it to show posts?

    Nothing? I need to know it and it’s important. Please come with a solutions.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Search for ‘event calender’

    I have “Event Calendar” from installed, but upcomng event don’t show for not registered. It show only for registered and admins.

    Or have I installled wrong plugins?

    Karl Bendingfield seems to have solved the problem of showing future events for the public, which he demonstrates here.
    demonstrates here. Found under this post. Ctrl+F for “Bendingfield”
    It’s about the calendar you have. You may ask him or the author. It’s done.

    Now it’s fix. Thank for helps.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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