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    My websites often don’t back up due to limited traffic. Even when I manually try, often they time out or they simply don’t finish. On a couple sites, I also receive warnings from GoDaddy about using too many resources during backup. I’m trying to remove some things from the backup, hoping it will help.

    I’d like to exclude a few plugins and I read the post about skiping directories but am not sure how to add more than one plugins here:
    return (basename($dir) == '.git') ? true : $filter;

    If i want to exclude plugin-one and plugin-two, how would I add that?

    Any help is appreciated!

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  • Plugin Author David Anderson


    return (basename($dir) == 'plugin-one' || basename($dir) == 'plugin-two') ? true : $filter;

    N.B. This example will exclude directories with those names anywhere that they appear in the backup.

    Great, I’ll try that. Thanks for the quick response.

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