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  • I understand that MySQL Corp is distancing itself from providing easy access to its source code, preferring to position it as value-added material for paying customers. At the same time the opensource Community Server project at MySQL has been languishing. All this at a time when MySQL is preparing for an IPO. See:

    One of the precursor requirements for WordPress is MySQL. Doing a search on Postgres, for example, yield only two posts in the forum, neither of which actually has anything to do with Postgres. That’s not to say that someone isn’t using Postgres with WordPress, but only that there isn’t any documentation to prove an assertion, or to assist using Postgres (or some other open source data base).

    I’m not saying that the Linux community has been lead down the garden path by MySQL, but is it not time to put a *fully* open source database like Postgres on an equal footing, for WordPress, as MySQL? Before it is too late?

    I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this issue.

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  • Some *cough* more advanced CMS like Habari support multiple dbs.

    This is an ongoing discussion/debate and there is a good discussion in the codex on this topic.

    a true port is not going to be straightforward due to the number of plugins that do not properly support the WP API. Additionally, most commercial hosts aimed at consumers and SME’s support MySQL over other databases.

    There is an old Postgres port mentioned in the link above, but ports and forks will be very difficult to maintain due to the rapid change in WP core code and the weirdnesses in the implementation of SQL by MySql.

    But an abstraction layer, I think, is possible and plausible. I have written a first pass at an abstraction layer to the PDO Engine within php5. This seems to work well. I have also built a driver to allow Sqlite to be used as a replacement for MySql. It has not been straightforward but from this base I believe that other drivers for MSSql, Postgres and other PDO databases (Access via ODBC?) could be relatively easily written.

    I am due to post the first code drop in a couple of days (at this site has been working on sqlite for a while.

    As for habari – personally I can’t even get it to install on my system! and there’s something about wordpress that I just like better! Can’t put my finger on what though.


    as per the above, i have published the first release of my code

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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