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  • it seems there’s 3 instances where one can set the time difference and it’s abit confusing which one is the one that matters:
    1) General Options:
    Times in the weblog should differ by: X
    2) Other Options:
    time_difference: X
    3) General blog settings:
    gmt_offset: X
    since I assume all 3 are basically the same I set all to 1 as I am GMT+1
    Do we need 3 fields for that?

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  • this comes to mind.
    i can change my wallpaper using atleast 3 seperate ways.
    is that needed?
    nope. but does it matter? 🙂

    *points to footer of this page*
    read the tagline
    redundancy seldom makes for good poetry.
    it does always matter.

    Hmm. I should have guessed MS does not believe in good coding. 🙂
    They sometimes remove a feature in order to fix a bug! But I still believe it ain’t anything i would be irritated about 🙂 but that’s me…

    yeah, i was playing around with the cvs. just giving feedback on it.
    and yes, I am very interested where WP is heading.

    That looks VERY sweet!

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