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  • Hi Ladies and Gentleman!

    I guess there’s no (built in) function available for my problem, so I’ll ask you 😉

    I tried to develop a time based navigation menu.
    f.e. I’m having one page for each weekday and on monday the menu-item of monday should be the first item in the menu’s list.

    So I wondered, if it’s possible to build a navigation with feeding a function with an array of page-id’s instead of custom menus… like mySuperCoolMenu(array(5,6,7,8)); ’cause I found no possibility to dynamically modify my custom menus I’ve created in WordPress.

    My final guess is to build a function which builds a menu while using the_title() and get_page_link().

    Maybe someone already came up with a solution for my issue and wanna share some code snippets or something 🙂

    Thanks alot in advance

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  • Quick idea, but haven’t written out the code.

    Create a wp_nav_menu for each day. Create a function that would include a switch statement to display the appropriate menu based upon day of week.

    function ngtj_day_of_week_menu() {
        $day_of_week = date( 'N' );
        switch( $day_of_week ) {
            case 1:
                wp_nav_menu( MENU FOR MONDAY );
            case 2:
                wp_nav_menu( MENU FOR TUESDAY );

    Hey Nate!
    Thanks for your idea. The thing is, that I don’t want to create a custom menu for each day, ’cause there are more menus to come soon.

    I found the function wp_page_menu() which may fit for me, ’cause I could feed the function with an include parameter. I’ll take a look on that function and tell you how it works out for my purpose.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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