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    Dear Sir,
    I’m a newbie in WP and I’m helping a friend of mine to update its websit (a no-profit , dog care organization).

    Now I’m involving to update from WP 2.9 to newer 3.5
    I’m making some tests into a different environment
    and your WP Tile is perfect for me !

    But I’ve a problem.
    I’ve inserted [ wp-tile ] shortcode as last row in the static page.
    But tiles are at TOP and I need them at bottom, as last object into page. And tiles at top are hidden some text.

    I’ve supposed that tiles are showed where shortcode is placed. Well, if I place shortcode into the middle of the page and I’ve some text before and after, I supposed that I see

    text before
    text after

    What’s wrong ?

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  • Plugin Author Mike Martel


    Hi ambrosa, thanks for commenting. This was completely the fault of the plugin! Please update to version 0.3.4, as this version will output the tiles on the spot where you put the shortcode.

    Good luck with your update!


    I will try it today or tomorrow and I give you a feedback.

    In my opionion your plugin is very nice but it lacks an important feature for easy use with shortcode: pages
    See plugin POST TILES (live ): with tiles it show also page number so user can go across tiles pages.
    This is very useful if you want create a post “gallery” using tiles.

    Plugin Author Mike Martel


    Hi ambrosa, you are the third in two days to propose pagination, so I’m putting it high on the roadmap for this plugin. Let me know how the new version works out on your website!

    Yes, sure. I will give a feedback 🙂
    The problem is that that main site run with WP rel. 2.9 and MANY plugins don’t work (yours too).
    During these days I’ll upgrade the main site to WP rel. 3.5 and I will try your new version 0.3.4. Many trouble because it run in a Windows hosting (not Linux) and I’ve some problem with CGI errors and more. Sgrunt !!
    But I can test new version 0.3.4 in my /wptest/ installation (that run WP 3.5 but not completely)

    Add “page” like POST TILES plugin is a nice feature. As I said before, you can use it as a modern gallery.

    And another feature in shortcode can be the ‘ordering’ for tiles (author, date, post title, …) and method (ASC/DESC)

    Plugin Author Mike Martel


    To set the ordering, check out the settings page (wp-admin-> “Settings” -> “WP Tiles” ). You can set all the defaults there, as well as read up on how to set the ordering for each shortcode individually.

    For the ordering, I’m sorry. I’ve bother you 🙂

    0.3.4 works fine.
    See here about in the middle of the page.

    But I’ve some problem into shortcode:
    [wp-tiles template='Plain' byline='Excerpt' bylineBg='Random' colors='#688848' posts_query='numberposts=8&post_type=post&category=9']

    1) “template” option needs a case-sensitive value. ‘Plain’ works , ‘plain’ doesn’t work. It’s better using case-insensitive option.

    2) If I set “byline” and “bylineBg” in main option page (‘Excerpt’ and ‘Random’), it works
    Shortcode is : [wp-tiles colors='#688848' posts_query='numberposts=8&post_type=post&category=9']

    If I don’t change options in main option page (leaving default values) and I use the shortcode [wp-tiles template='Plain' byline='Excerpt' bylineBg='Random' colors='#688848' posts_query='numberposts=8&post_type=post&category=9'] it doesn’t work as expected. No Excerpt (default is ‘Categories’) and no #688848 green color (default is black)

    In my opinion it’s better if you use case-insensitive option-name and case-insensitive option-value for shortcode use.

    Another suggestion about category option.
    Into shortcode can nice if I can use multiple categories.
    Separated with a dash or something else (comma ?)

    I.e. [wp-tiles posts_query='numberposts=8&post_type=post&category=9,12,23,47']

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