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  • gruppoescursionistidegliangeli


    Hi, I am quite a newbie in wordpress websites, but I reached a kinda good results at these days. I am using this awesome plugin in the homepage of a website ( as a “last posts” section. I’d like to put in the same page some direct links to other pages. My questions are (maybe stupid ones, but forgive me, I’m a noob 😉 ):
    1. Can I put more than one shortcode in the same page? (One would be the last posts, one would be these links)
    2. How can I make it pass those 3 pages using the short code?

    I don’t wanna create a website Menu, I’d like just to put those links in the home page…
    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thank you!


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  • gruppoescursionistidegliangeli


    sorry for the bad way I’m explaining my problem…

    Plugin Author Mike Martel


    Hiya! Looking at your website, it seems that this problem is solved? Let me know if it isn’t!

    Hey Mike! I’m trying to do the same thing (I guess?) I have a wordpress based site for my photography and design portfolio, I was hoping to use your tiles as links to other pages within my site. From the settings, it looks like this should be no problem by using the Page query commands in the short code, but I was hoping for more control. I want to be able to just tell each tile to point to whatever link I might desire, and to possibly be able to set the image inside the tile manually, instead of having it use the most recently uploaded photo for the page, is this possible?

    Well, there’s a workaround. If you make your posts direct links with the ‘page links to’ plugin. You can then choose a featured image with the post which shows up as the tile image.

    the main problem i’m having is that I need it to link to specific pages within the page hierarchy of my site. unfortunately, those pages aren’t right next to each other in the “page order” so when I tell it to display 3 tiles, it displays 3 pages that are consecutive in the order. I’ve gotten the ‘offset’ command to get the page list to start at the right spot, but can’t fine tune it beyond there

    edit: also, when I have multiple tiles per page, how would I control the images and links to each individual tile?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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