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[resolved] Tiled galleries not displaying all images in Chrome (7 posts)

  1. thewholeworldisaplayground
    Posted 1 year ago #


    I am having a problem with my tiled galleries in chrome.

    The tiled gallery loads in Chrome and then some of the images disappear. It has only started happening in the last day or so and the galleries are loading fine in other browsers.

    I am using Chrome version 31.0.1650.63 m

    Any suggestions?

    Link to image gallery for example:


  2. Jeremy Herve
    Happiness Engineer
    Plugin Author

    Posted 1 year ago #

    All images seem to be displayed properly on my end. If you still experience issues, could you please try clearing out your cache and cookies?

    if that doesn't help, could you try to disable any browser extension that may restrict access to the images, like AdBlock, DoNotTrackMe, and other similar browsers?

    Let me know if it helps.

  3. thewholeworldisaplayground
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Thanks for the suggestions. Tried them but no change. It's driving me crazy. We have 3 laptops and it happened on all 3 around the same time but the other two started displaying correctly again after a few days. I want to publish some more photoblogs but I'm worried that other readers will see the tiled gallery the same as me.

    I'm just baffled as to why it loads correctly and then the right hand images disappear when it finishes loading.

    I googled it and others have experienced the same problem but unfortunately no resolution!

  4. designsimply
    Plugin Contributor

    Posted 1 year ago #

    I checked the gallery at http://www.thewholeworldisaplayground.com/dublin-temple-bar-photo-gallery/ and the images appear normally for me too.

    It would be good to try to get some technical info. on this problem if you can. If you right-click one of the images that isn't working properly for you and copy the exact image URL into a separate browser tab, does the image work there?

    Does your browser console window display any errors if you first open the console and then reload the page?

    Here's how to open a console in Chrome: https://developers.google.com/chrome-developer-tools/docs/console#opening_the_console

  5. thewholeworldisaplayground
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Thanks designsimply.

    1. I can't right click the images after they disappear. If I view them through lightbox and copy the url, I can view them fine in a separate browser tab.

    2. When I reload the page, this message appears in the console
    event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.

  6. designsimply
    Plugin Contributor

    Posted 1 year ago #

    Thanks for trying. The error doesn't look related to me. Without knowing more about the images that aren't showing up or being able to see the problem in action, I'm not sure what to try next.

    Maybe you could provide a screenshot of http://www.thewholeworldisaplayground.com/dublin-temple-bar-photo-gallery/ that shows what it looks like to you so others can compare?

    See http://en.support.wordpress.com/make-a-screenshot/

    Here's an image sharing service you can use if you're able to share a screenshot: http://snag.gy/

  7. thewholeworldisaplayground
    Posted 1 year ago #

    It's fixed!

    I went to a photoblog page and the white portion was still appearing. I zoomed into take a screenshot and when I zoomed in all the images reappeared and the pages are loading correctly now.

    I can only think it was something to do with the responsiveness of my site.

    Thanks for your help, fingers crossed it will continue to work!

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