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    This is an issue that developed some time after April 2nd. Since that time I believe both Jetpack and Luminescence Lite have had updates. The post on the site with a legacy post created before they upgraded is here.

    The problem now is that I can’t get any gallery option to show up in the admin, making the creation of new galleries impossible. This is not exclusive to Jetpack. I tried installing the “Tiled Galleries Without Jetpack” plugin and the only sign I could see of it being installed was in the list of installed plugins. The issue is solved if I switch to a default theme, clearly not a happy solution for anything else! I have been in touch with Jetpack support and they say it’s probably a theme issue and they would be happy to work with the theme developer to sort it out. I have considered trying another plugin but the next step is premium and I’d hate to pay the money and run into the same issue.

    Can you sort this out?
    Thank you

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  • I am trying other plugins to see if I can find one that isn’t being affected. So far the list of galleries that don’t show successfully in Posts is:

    • Jetpack
    • Tiled Galleries Without Jetpack
    • Responsive Grid Gallery
    • Inpost Gallery (different problem—shortcode won’t insert after gallery created)

    I’ve found a premium plugin author who says he always tries to find a fix, so I will probably try that next.

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    I’m not quite sure I understand what is not working for you here…perhaps describe it in a different way? The part that interests me also is the part you say “…I can’t get any gallery option to show up in the admin”. This sounds more like a WordPress or plugin or combination issue…however, you mentioned if you switch to a default theme it works.

    Since this is where it all started I will use the tiled gallery in Jetpack as the example. There is one post up on the site for “Dr P” that used this gallery. Then updates happened and the ‘gallery’ option disappeared from the list of formats in the Post editor. At that point it became impossible to add any additional galleries.

    The others I have tried all had the same or similar problems. The Tiled Gallery without Jetpack might as well have been invisible. The Inpost Gallery let me make a gallery, but then it wouldn’t insert the shortcode.

    It is very weird because the Jetpack gallery was perfect —and working— until the theme and Jetpack upgrades. Jetpack support said it was a theme problem and that they would be happy to help.

    I do have a new premium plugin installed now that has allowed me to successfully post a second ‘test’ gallery. Jetpack was easier to use, and this one has a new set of issues where the images aren’t displaying the selected settings. Since it is premium the plugin developer is going to take a look at that one, but it is clear that something has gone wrong in the image handling department. I hope we can get Jetpack back into the mix.

    Does this help?

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    It’s late in the night where I am so I will follow up tomorrow when I am fully awake. Sounds like it is something with the theme, but will have to explore what it is.

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    Good morning… Now that I am awake and have some coffee in me, I will focus on the first paragraph of your last post about the “gallery” post format missing. I’m guessing I had that in the previous version of this theme and for some reason no longer there…

    So, what I will do is on the next update, add that back in if it went missing. In the meantime so you do not have to wait, open the theme’s functions.php file and look for this:

    add_theme_support( 'post-formats', array( 'aside', 'image', 'status', 'quote', 'audio', 'video' ) );

    Add ‘gallery’ to it so this code looks like and solves your problem:

    add_theme_support( 'post-formats', array( 'aside', 'image', 'status', 'quote', 'audio', 'video', 'gallery' ) );

    This will be part of the next theme update.

    UPDATE: I just looked at my older versions, but I never had the Gallery post format added. However, add it anyway and see if that works for you. If so, then i will make it part of the next theme update.

    That helped, but it only gets it part way. I have another test post called ‘jetpack test’, now 2nd in the posts queue, that shows what happens. The gallery option did indeed come back (so simple if you know where to look…!) but the tiles feature is still broken. The ‘Before and After – Dr P’s Office’ post that follows shows how it should be behaving.

    I can’t help but have a suspicion that some little piece of the Jetpack code that changed could be contributing here. When I first ran into the problem and began searching the forum I found that others have the same issue with the gallery breaking.

    I understand that this could take a bit of time to sort out and really appreciate any little step forward. Thank you for this

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    So it appears the actual JetPack tiled gallery is not working but what is being used for the gallery that is working in in the other post?

    Post #1= ‘Before and After – Dr P’s Office’ created before Jetpack’s tiled gallery broke

    Post #2= ‘Test-Jetpack’ – created today with the gallery post format restored

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    I just installed a test site and with Jetpack…the site is a new install of WordPress, no other plugins except Jetpack. The theme is the current Luminescence Lite theme. The two gallery posts I created are just using the standard post format.

    Test Site Demo

    Yahoo! It is fixed!

    I am not at all sure what changed, but I tried switching to the parent Luminesence Lite theme, and this did not fix the problem. I went back to the child and examined the Jetpack post that is working and experimented more. The next time I checked a post it was back to being a proper tiled gallery. While I would like to know what caused it, I am very relieved to be able to cross it off of the list and move on.

    Thank you!

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    That is good to hear. It also gave me a chance to try out the gallery on the test site I created. I actually like the tiled gallery concept because it changes based on the images used. Looks quite nice. I also discovered that most of the jetpack plugins won’t work on a local computer (I use XAMPP for development) until it goes on a live server location (online).

    Anyway, I’m assuming this topic can be set to Resolved?

    Yes, thanks

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