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  • Hi,
    Before all, thanhs for your plugin.
    I try to use it with a very simple plugin that I built. The purpose of my plugin is to display a side menu permanently and when the user clicks the icon geolocalize, a modal box appears and displays it in a <div> map of a specific address. The modal box is activated with a simple javascript function that changes the “display” style-attribute from “none” to “flex”. In the <div> which is supposed to display the map I use the OSM shortcode.

    When I click on the icon, everything runs, including the shortcode because I have the borders of the map and the zoom buttons visible. But the map tiles, which are images, do not load (in the browser inspector, the images of the tiles do not appear).

    However, when I resize the size of the browser window, the tiles appear (in the browser inspector, these images appear).

    These tiles / images seem to be retrieved on the fly directly on the OSM server.
    I do not know how to force the loading of the tiles when I click on the bonton geolocaliser of my plugin because:
    – except error on my part, there is not this possibility in the options of the shortcode;
    – browsers no longer accept a script to resize a window it did not open;
    – I can not reload the page in my javascript otherwise my modal box disappears (dislay returns to “none”).

    Do you know a way to run the shortcode or run the function that loads the tiles?

    thanks in advance

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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