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  • So I have been trying to sync up my tikipress tickets with the associated event. In the tutorial it is supposedly as easy as selecting the event in the “‘Event’ Metabox.” This custom field does not exist for me however, or I am just missing it. Can anyone please help me so that I can sync tickets to specific events as well as statistics.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Seconded. Having the same problem.

    I’m having the same problem too, which is annoying as the tikipress documentation mentions how essential it is to have the very latest version of each of the plugins required, and it looks like this issue is due to a newer version of wp-ecommerce being released…if they’d instead listed the required version of each plugin then we could have installed an older version of wp-ecommerce and it may have worked.

    Having the same problem.

    Did someone had the same bug and succeeded in resolving it ?

    I don’t think it’s resolvable unless you use the right combination of plugin versions (and I don’t think tikipress even got updated to be compatible with WordPress 3 (as far as I know, it was a hack night type of app anyway, not a major development). There’s plenty of other ticket plugins out there now anyway.

    oh, do you use something else ?

    I’ve tried everything, even making a fresh test install with a full english version (I’m a french user and I thought using Fr translations was maybe putting some crap in the permalinks, or else…), and carefully reading the installation process. But no way, and I’ve lost so much time on this crap… (I should have delivered the site to my client yesterday…)

    If someone has a (free) nice solution which WORKS, I really would like to know it !!!

    (I don’t want to lose much more time on testing bad stuff)
    (… pleeeease ^^)

    Well I’m currently configuring a site using which seems to do all I need- I guess it depends on what you required from tikipress, but I’d suggest you take a look (and best of luck with the site delivery)

    I haven’t noticed this one before (well, I understand now that I was doing it wrong by searching for plugins using the keyword “reservation”, and wasn’t knowing that “booking” was refering to the same thing… I have to improve my English skills & vocabulary >_<)

    This evening I tried with wpeventticketing (simple, but allows only one event) & event-espresso (seems to do the job but I don’t have a good feeling with it)

    Thanks for the answer, I think it will suits my needs. 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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