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    I’m having a similar problem as this fella, but the fix seems odd.

    The original problem was that, as downloaded, Tiga sent out no styles, and the whole page was straight text on the left margin. That’s what I’m seeing on mine (click here for the site). The fix was to change “style.php” to “style.css” in the header file. This works, but…

    Now, I’m no theme guru, but this means that, as I peruse the theme code, nobody refers to style.php anymore. Is this right? Now when I change things in Tigarator, nothing happens, as I would expect to see if style.php was pulling these new changes into the stylesheet. Changes made in the General section work (pages as menu bar and # of recent posts), but nothing else does; column widths, colors, fonts, nothing. The values are indeed being saved, because when I go back into the Tigarator, I see the changed values, but the blog hasn’t changed. But with the change to “style.css”, as one might expect, the styles in there rule, regardless of what the Tigarator values are. So, for now, so you can see the result, I’ve gone back to the as-downloaded version of header.php.

    Incidentally, when I do the suggested executing of style.php in IE, I get (virtually) nothing.; an HTML head with one Meta tag and an empty body (when I do View Source; nothing on the page). When I use Firefox’s web developer’s toolbar and show the CSS’s for the main blog page, Tiga’s style.php contributes nothing.

    I understand the benefits of having Tiga create a style.css for me and using it instead, but I can’t get Tiga to do that.

    I’m running Tiga 1.01 on WordPress 2.04. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • No style.php. It’s style.css. I dunno if that’s due to the advance in css etc. or simply a philosophical rearrangement in the programmers’ minds.

    If I read the theme right, style.php looks at the theme’s values from the database and outputs a CSS based on them. The idea is that once you have it looking just how you want it to, you then, according to the docs, pull up style.php directly in an IE browser and save the output to style.css. Then you tell the Tigarator to use style.css via a checkbox. The result is a faster response, since style.php is a program that has to be run while style.css is a static file.

    In my case, with an unaltered style.php, I get nothing output. Hence my changs in the Tigarator don’t show up, and hence I can’t create a custom style.css.

    Well, I’m lost. I don’t have a style.php in any theme I use or have designed. I’ve never seen anything like that, unless it was in an antique setup for 1.2 or something.

    Sorry I can’t help.

    OK, thanks. Any other takers? 🙂

    Actually, the approach taken by Tiga is nice for non-stylesheet-modifiers. It has its own Options page (the “Tigarator” I mentioned) where you fill in the values for particular styles–foreground color, background graphic, font size, even font family–for sidebars, widgets, header, etc. Then style.php picks up those values and sends out an appropriate stylesheet. Optionally, to get a performance boost, as I said you send style.php directly to your screen and copy it to style.css, tell Tiga to use it (again, in the Options page) and you have that option. Quite accessible.

    I fixed it!

    I took out the calls to ob_start and and ob_end_flush from style.php, essentially turning off output buffering, and voila! <i>That’s</i> the true fix. Now they stylesheet is output and changes in the Tigarator are immediately obvious.


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