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    I have a leaderboard for a Brazilian football championship.
    However, one of the tiebreaker criteria is the number of red and yellow cards for each team.
    How can I configure these criteria for tie breaking in the application?

    See this example: https://jogosdocorinthians.com/classificacao/paulistao/
    Group D has two teams tied. However, I would like to untie them using criteria for quantities of red and yellow cards.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi Hermes
    Thank you for contacting us!
    We don’t have this feature, sorry. There are a lot of ranking cafeterias offered but Yellow and Red cards are not included.

    As i see from WIKI
    The tie-braking rules are

    If the tie is between more than two clubs not competing for the national title or relegation, then the tie is broken, using the games the clubs have played against each other:

    a) most games won
    b) total goal difference
    c) total goals scored
    d) head-to-head record (with the away goals rule in effect if only two clubs are taken into account)

    If the tie is still not broken, the winner will be determined by Fair Play scales.
    e) fewest yellow cards
    f) fewest red cards

    Can you please confirm the same ranking rule is used for Paulistão championship?
    We will add it to our ideas list at this stage at least.

    Thank you!

    Do you have the same tie braking rules for Paulistão championship that you support?

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    Please vote and subscribe for that particular feature from here https://feedback.joomsport.com/topic/yellow-and-red-cards-for-tie-braker-criteria

    Thank you!

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    Grateful for the answer.
    In the Paulista championship, the tiebreaker criteria are:

    Number of wins.
    Goal balance.
    Goals scored.
    Number of red cards.
    Number of yellow cards

    It is a great pity not to be able to count on this functionality, as the team’s ratings are incorrect in this case.

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