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    I have installed your Tidio live chat plugin on my wordpress website it was working normally until recently start slowing my website page load and most of the time the chat window is not showing on web browsers, I tried different browsers on my desktop but not showing until I go to my WP dashboard and disable the plugin then re-enable it then the chat window will start to appear but still the plugin considerably slowing down my website page load ?!

    I also noticed that every time I clear the cache on my WP dashboard (I’m using LiteSpeed Cache) your Tidio chat window will stop loading on all web browsers until I again disable the plugin and re-enable it ?!!

    I hope this issue to be resolved quickly as if I have to chose between website load time and Tidio live chat , I would chose the website load time and sadly sacrifice Tidio plugin..

    what’s going on here and why that negative behavior of your Tidio plugin ?!

    Please advise thanks,

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    Thank you for reaching out.
    I’m really sorry but we’ve had server issues that were already fixed.

    As for the speed of – Tidio is one of the most lightweight plugins out there. GT Metrix as a tool might provide some pointers, but your goal should always be to improve your actual speed, not your Page“Speed” score. Remember: GT Metrix does not even measure your site’s speed, even though it says “speed” right there in its result. I would suggest taking a look at how to measure your actual website loading times and work based on that 🙂 It’s much more accurate and will show real time loading results.

    I’ll be here in case of any further questions!

    Tidiochat is a whole 12 points of impact on Google Mobile pagespeed.
    Results from tests:

    Score with Tidiochat (PageSpeed Mobile Insights)

    49,13 (15 tests)

    Score without Tidiochat

    61,2 (15 tests)

    The Tidio help page relative to speed issues basically says “dont worry”. Unfortunately we do need to worry about how Google sees this plugin from a speed perspective.

    Any ideas?

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    Hi @rcanny thanks for reaching out!

    Tidio design allows it to load between elements on your page – and its loading speed depends on the speed of the page itself.

    While we notice a small drop in the performance for Google Insights for pages that perform well – the lower the page scores without Tidio – the more Tidio will lower the page score. This is due to the way of Google Insights and Tidio’s design.

    Drop from 60 to 50 is basically the same drop as from 90 to 87 (which usually happens with Tidio). The fewer points you get before Tidio was loaded – the lower the score will drop with Tidio or any other plugin installed asynchronously.

    This happens because plugins loaded asynchronously wait for some of the components of the website to fire up first before Tidio completes the load. If the components take long to “let Tidio in” the score drops significantly.

    There is a workaround for the score to improve, though! You can load Tidio after a timeout. This will ensure that the score is not affected that much by Tidio. If you’d like to get the code – please contact us at

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