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  • It shouldn’t be too hard to make a plugin if you have an online source for the data.

    I have managed to find the information in html tables but not as xml yet. Is it possible to pull information from html?

    With advanced code-fu , probably.

    I just did a quick search on NOAA, which I believed would be the right place to look for your raw data on tides.
    Starting from there I found the products page of CO-OPS. From there I could go to the tide predictions page. After clicking the obvious 2004 predictions and finding that the data there was embedded in HTML, I reread the page more closely and found the on-the-fly predictions page.
    The data from that page would be easy to parse, since it is pure tabulated text.
    I am sure, though, that NOAA, CO-OPS will have the 2004 data available in pure text files for all the places listed in the 2004 predictions part of the site.
    As all US governmental data the tidal predictions can be leeched without any cost to you (because the taxpayers of the US has already paid for the data). It is only for the US, though.
    I might look into this as a plugin later; but first I need to fix the bugs in my previous plugins and make some development blogs for them 🙂

    Let me know when you are going to start work on it. I am not a very good with php but I do know the basics and would love to make this plugin work within the UK. I have found text only for tides deep within the BBC website, so I know the information is there. I just think the project is a bit above my skill.

    I’ll have to wait until I’m finished with a big project I’m overdue with 😉
    Drop me an e-mail at (spdyvkng(at)vogol(.)com) and remind me of this in a forthnight.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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