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  • If you buy the $499 kit, the product seemed to tick all the boxes: the right kit for WP/non-WP/SaaS/stand-alone software; generates keys, the right APIs, expiry setting, recurring payments, generates the buttons for in the pages, refund processing, wish list, etc, it is truly comprehensive. We can live with the 30 or so plugins and the “490” errors as a result, we can live with the terrible formatting, as with some elbow grease and the Chrome inspector, we can make it work.

    But the showstoppers are the non-existent support for US$499, and total lack of willingness to improve the product. When you read their EDD pages, they are clearly more interested in brewing beer than fixing their bugs. And these bugs will bite you, like they bite us, and we are not the first to raise them:

    1. no reCaptcha – thus you get the bots registering – according to their security “architect” jjj, this is a functional problem and thus doesn’t need fixing – we disagree; Others have raised this as well, see the support tab. The EDD “fix” to reCAPTCHA was to ask us to install a 5 year out of date plugin, which promptly hung our staging site to the extent we had to blow it away and start again.

    2. in the check-out page, the auto registration does not block the payment if the email entered already exists; thus your customer pays and their order ends up with the unknown other email, and there is no way of finding it. After a week of up-and down emailing, this is finally recognized as a bug, but instead of fixing, you get the message that “they’ll look into it”.

    3. The address details are not saved on auto registration, at least not that they are visible in the purchase history for the customer.
    4. The address details do not include a “business name” ; yes there is an additional plugin to add fields, but there are no ways for your customer to edit their data and maintain those.

    5. The honeypot (invisible field which a bot would enter data in, thereby revealing itself) can be added, but on save, this setting is lost.

    6. The wishlist shows up wishlists of other users of your site, even if you set it to private. Despite all the steps and screenshots emailed to them, “they can’t replicate it”, and as per the many other comments in the support tab, the issue just gets closed (we’re on WP 5.6 and PHP 7.4)

    So close as a product, yet due to the terrible non-existent support, we have no option but to scrap weeks of work, as I am sick of all the emailing, begging, pleading, and hoping they will fix, with zippo action. Off to Woo.

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  • Plugin Support Mihai Joldis


    Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts and feedback with us and the WordPress community.
    We wish you the best and hope you’re able to find an eCommerce solution that fits your needs and is able to provide the one-one-one customizations you’re looking for.

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