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    Sorry, I dont know if I am posting a stupid question, but I read the documentation that talks about the “good and bad” classifications, but I only see a trash can in the training posts tab and in the training post page.

    Here is a link to what i see. &

    My intentions are to load about 50 topics each with a source rss feed from youtube, and AUTO post the best of what I want after I have the AI learning good and bad.

    So, do I assume I run it for a few days and (when I find out where they are) click the good and bad relevence as per documentation, then set all topics to auto?

    I really see a lot of potential in this, but the training videos dont match up with what I am seeing. HELP?!

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  • Plugin Author mtilly


    Unfortunately, our AI classification program doesn’t work with Video. It is a much harder task that maybe Google could do but not us. That is why you only see the trash can and no thumbs up or down. You won’t be able to auto post videos based on classification. That will only work with text based articles.

    Sorry, I should clarify, I’m parsing all the descriptions of the video into the post also. Of course I don’t expect this plugin to classify video…

    So is what you are telling me, that if I have the standard/video set to video, the layout to 11 and a featured video URL set, that the AI engine is turned off?

    Is it all of because all 3 of those are active or 1 of those, or can you tell how could I get it training on the descriptions of the videos only?

    Ie: keep the format option set to standard, but have a featured video and layout set, and AI engine comes into action again?

    Ill mess around with it and see if I can learn what triggers it to switch off otherwise.

    Plugin Author mtilly


    The switch for the AI engine is the “Choose Type” field in the Topics page. If you set this to Video, it turns off the classification engine and embeds the video it finds into the post. This usually finds a video from a youtube feed.

    If you set this to Relevance it turns on the classification engine and uses the text from the web page to classify the article. It will not embed videos though. If it finds videos they may be in the Saved Page Metabox that you see when you make the post into a draft, below the editor window.

    Is there a simple way you can think of that we could modify it so that it can be set to relevance and still embed the video?

    Plugin Author mtilly


    I’ll need to look into it. Could you send me a Contact Us through our website at That way I can work with you to get the information I need to check this out. Thanks.

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