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    Thanks for this plugin!! I LOOOOVE IT!
    here it’s the page i am working on:

    I have couple questions:
    1 – is it normail that my thumbnail is only clickable when i stop the slideshow?
    2- all my images have the same height…but the slideshow still shows the vertical images much taller;i have set the media files to a specific height but still..
    3 – could i have the title above the slideshow image(or at least right bellow it) instead bellow the thumbnail?
    4 – one of my vertical images have all this empty space around it … taking the space like it’s horizontal…any idea what that could be?!

    thank you so much!

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt



    1 – Yes, the tooltip tells you you can doubleclick to stop the slideshow.
    As soon as the slideshow is stopped, you can direct-access images by clicking anywhere on the filmstrip.

    2 – The full-size pictures are displayed according to the fullsize height and width you specified in the Photo Albums -> Settings admin page.
    The photos are sized to fit in that rectangle while keeping their original aspectratio.
    You should set the height of the thumbnail frame at least as big as the width; both values must be at least as big as the thumbnail size.
    You may want to set the vertical alignment of thumbnails to center.

    3 – You may change the order in wp-photo-album-plus/theme/wppa_theme.php

    see the end part of that file:

    elseif (wppa_page('slide') || wppa_page('single')) {							// Page 'Slideshow' or 'Single' in browsemode requested
    		// The next 7 lines define the display of the fullsize images and slideshows.
    		// You may change the order of them. Do not leave one out, if you do not want a particular box,
    		// you can switch it off in the Photo Albums -> Settings admin panel.
    		wppa_startstop('optional');				// The 'Slower | start/stop | Faster' bar
    		wppa_slide_frame();						// The photo / slide
    		wppa_slide_custom('optional');			// Custom box			// Reserved for future use
    		wppa_slide_rating('optional');			// Rating box
    		wppa_slide_filmstrip('optional');		// Show Filmstrip
    		wppa_slide_description('optional');		// The description of the photo
    		wppa_slide_name('optional');			// The name of the photo
    		wppa_browsebar('optional');				// The 'Previous photo | Photo n of m | Next photo' bar
    		wppa_run_slidecontainer('slideshow');	// Fill in the photo array and display it
    	} // wppa_page('slide')

    If you do not want to loose that modification, make a (modified) copy of this file and put it in you themes directory.

    THANKS! it resolved almost all my questions.
    The question # 4 i apologize for not explaning it well…it’s in regards to my filmstrip … i have 2 vertical images … same size .. one is all right but the other one has all these empty space around…if you visit the page you can see it very clearly, it doesn’t look vertical in the filmstrip but that is all right, as long as it blends in with the others!

    T H A N K Y O U!

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Question #4: The horizontal space for the thumbnails in the filmstrip (as everywhere) is equal for portrait and landscape images.
    The largest side (either width or height) of the thumbnails is the value you set in the Photo Albums -> Settings screen. So, portrait images are less wide than landscape images. That’s the way it is designed.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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