Thumbnails STILL will not show! :( (2 posts)

  1. ianbee
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Any help would be tremedenosouly appreciated. My issue is that I get a "No Image Available" error. I tried the following a nothing worked:

    1. Checked to see if my timthumb file had the "../" like so:
    if(! defined(‘FILE_CACHE_DIRECTORY’) ) define (‘FILE_CACHE_DIRECTORY’, ‘../cache’);

    2. Replaced:
    src='.urlencode(str_replace(get_option('siteurl'), '', $cg_img)).'

    and also by:

    src='.str_replace(get_option('siteurl'), '', $cg_img).'

    3. Deactivated all my plugins accept C.G.V.G.

    4. Installed the plugin on a different wordpress blog

    5. Called my host company (bluehost) to see if they could help, and they just reccomended wordpress.org support forum.

    6. Checked to see if my cache folder permissons were set to 755.

    7. Deleted my cache folder... it reappeared though.

    8. Refreshing my permalinks.

    After doing all this, nothing... nothing seems to work. :( If I could recieve any help for this issue it would seriously mean a lot. Oh yeah, here is my site: http://www.enberwebsite.com/plugintest/plugin-test/

    Again, any help would be appreciated sooo much!

  2. ianbee
    Posted 3 years ago #

    ment to post this in the proper forum, sorry.

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