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    Glad to have found this plugin, and am using it on my site.

    Just have a couple of questions:

    1. The thumbnails are really small. I have set max size to 300, but they average about 70×100. Also, the thumbnails vary a lot in size and shape, and I would like them more uniform.

    – Can I make them bigger?
    – Can I make the size and shape more standardised?

    2. The alignment is kind of messy on the page. I have tried fiddling with the spacing on the descriptions but can’t seem to get that to make an impact. Is it possible to get the thumbnails to sit in a more formal ‘grid’ layout? (screenshot

    Thanks for any help offered.


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  • Plugin Author demur


    Hi @0ldfart!

    I’m terribly sorry it took so long for You to get a reply. Thank You for the patience.
    We are delighted that You’ve found the plugin 🙂
    New design of Support Threads is quite inconvenient, as a result – challenges for those who tries to find available solutions and also obstructions for those who can provide any help…

    1. I believe You’ve tried changing dimensions of generated thumbnails at Dashboard -> Settings -> Document Gallery -> Max Thumbnail Dimensions. That set the actual dimensions for thumbnails. To get it to work You also need to adjust width value of img containers in the Custom CSS textbox at Dashboard -> Settings -> Document Gallery:

    .document-icon img {
        width: 300px !important;

    DG is designed in such a way it tries to fit each thumbnail into square content box scaling it with fixed height/width ratio; content boxes are limited to the size of column (if number of those is set, size would be equally distributed over content area), but not exceeding value defined in the CSS.

    2. As Your files are not square, but stretched and of both orientations You are getting messy result (also CSS of applied WP theme comes in play).
    There are different ways to make it look decently, to name a few:
    – As long as each title fits in a single line (BTW You can modify those at Dashboard -> Settings -> Document Gallery -> Thumbnail Management) You can apply this CSS:

    .document-gallery .document-icon {
        vertical-align: baseline !important;

    – You are able to replace any thumbnail with desirable image (size, orientation, content, etc.) that would meet Your requirements. This is also can be done at Dashboard -> Settings -> Document Gallery -> Thumbnail Management;
    – You can play with the order of the documents in the gallery, so thumbnails of alike size would share same rows.

    I hope You still find this reply handy.
    Please don’t hesitate to let us know if You run into any further issues.

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