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  • Poni Ima


    Thank you for support your great plugin!

    I have installed this plugin “WordPress Related Posts” and “Related Posts by Zemanta” recommend by Silvo.

    However both plugin are shown in many cases default random images…

    I want show thumbnails from the post’s images or “own” default image. (JPG 150×150)

    I tried upload of own default image(JPEG and PNG, 150×150 size), but can’t show the own images, and can’t change the plugin default random images.

    Own images uploaded from plugin dashboard below,
    “For posts without images, a default image will be shown.
    You can upload your own default image here [upload button]”

    after that I did click the button of “save changes” .

    My version and settings…
    WordPress 3.6 + WordPress Related Posts 2.8
    WordPress 3.6 + Related Posts by Zemanta 1.6
    Wordpress dashboard > setting > media > thumbnails W150xH150

    Can you help me, please.

    Many Thanks,

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  • silvoslaf


    Hey Poni, thanks for reaching out with this detailed feedback & please accept my apologies for not responding back anytime sooner (these company holidays took its toll — sorry)!

    As for your problem — do you have both of those two plugins installed & activated at the same time? If so, try to deactivate one of them and see if this helps in any way (although I have a feeling the problem is somehow more complicated).

    Also — is there a chance you could send us the link to the blog in question? I would certainly like to see what’s going on from a closer perspective, if possible.

    Let me know what’s up & I’ll do my best to help you out! Take care & I’m looking forward to your reply!


    Poni Ima


    Hi Silvo,
    Thank you for reply.

    I did deactivated one when activated other one.
    ex: Activated “Related Posts by Zemanta”, deactivated “WordPress Related Posts”.

    link is,,,

    Thank you for your great support!

    All the best,



    Hey Poni, thanks for the feedback and the link to your blog, very much appreciated!

    The thing is this — our plugin can only use images that are bigger than 150×150 pixels. Those related posts that have our generic thumbnails (not yours) have images that are smaller than (or just as big as) those values, which is why our service cannot extract them to your thumbnails.

    I would strongly encourage you to use bigger images in your future posts — at least 151×151 pixels, both in width as well as in length (this rules also apply for the default thumbnail in your plugin settings). Otherwise I’m afraid the problem will remain the same. I am sorry for this, but I’m afraid we cannot change our plugin to work otherwise.

    Please do let me know if you have any further questions or if there’s something not absolutely clear — I’m here to help!

    Take care & have a nice weekend ahead!


    Poni Ima


    Hi Silvo, thank you for quick reply!

    Ok, I understand.

    Please tell me, how can I change to the anything images from default thumbnail? If I can.
    Ex: if small than 151 x 151, I want to be able to view the 150×150 “LOGOmark.jpg” that is own default thumbnail.

    All the best,




    I’ve same problem. I found that the problem maybe is in how theme settings catch the images for thumbnails.

    If I use vertical or momma or another theme not Pinterest, it only shows some thumbnails correctly, and if use Pinterest, it shows the thumbnails that with the other themes did not show, but doesn’t show the one that works fine with the other themes.

    I’ve try to install previous versions and related posts 2.8 but allways the same.


    Hey @poni, I’m afraid that’s not possible. Any image for our service to use it as a thumbnail on your blog has to be as big or bigger than 151×151 pixels.

    I’m afraid you’ll just have to expand/resize that image you want to use to a slightly bigger size with one of you image editor apps.

    Let me know if you had something else in mind or if there’s something that’s not absolutely clear — I’ll do my best to help you out!

    Take care & have a nice rest of the week!


    Hey @mcleods, hm, this does sound a bit weird, yes.

    Are most of your images bigger than 150×150 pixels? Any chance you could send us the link to your blog, so we could have a closer look?

    We’d really appreciate that, if possible. Let us know!

    Take care & I’m looking forward to your reply!


    Hi, actually my site where it does not work properly in under construction but I have another site where it works perfect, I don’t know, maybe is the theme or something.

    This is the site here works ok:

    When I open my other site I’ll write here. Thanks

    Hey @mcleods, thanks for getting back to me, appreciate it!

    The thing is, different blogs use different themes, settings, plugins, etc. which can all curate different values, codes, etc. As much as we try to figure out a universal way to extract the correct images from all of the blogs out there, we still somehow fail at it. Which is why some of our users are experiencing these problems.

    But we also managed to created several different thumbnailers, which should cover most of our users (for the time being).

    We either redirect them to the previous version of this plugin (which had a slightly different thumbnailer) or the our other plugin, which also uses a slightly different thumbnailer. And it’s previous version also uses a bit different thumbnailer.

    So, yeah, this can be a bit confusing at first, but we manage to get the right sort to the right blog.

    Please do let me know if you have any more questions or if there’s anything not completely clear — I’ll be more than glad to help you out!

    Take care & have a nice day!


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