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[Resolved] Thumbnails on pages (wpuf-attachments)

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  • make sure you uncheck the option to show thumbnails on posts

    I don’t see that option in wp-user-frontend. I see enable/disable attachments. I found that setting in the theme itself and disabled it; however it did nothing.

    Also please note, when users include images, they are added as thumbnails. Please see this post where the user uploaded his book cover:

    The awards were added by administrator, not subscriber and shows up properly in the post area but a copy is created and added to the thumbnail area along with any other image ever attached to this post.

    Seems to be a 2-fold problem. Why are the subscriber images being added to the thumbnail area and not up in the post? Why are all other admin added images duplicated in this virtual thumbnail area?

    Also, this is an issue related to posts and pages, not just posts.

    Plugin Author Tareq Hasan


    Uncheck Show attachments in the post option in the plugin settings.

    There is nothing that states “Show attachments in the post”. Exactly what page are you talking about?

    I have:

    Allow attachments
    Will the users be able to add attachments on posts?

    Users obviously need to be able to add attachments or the point is mute.

    Please be more specific with your instructions.

    I found your suggestion under ‘others’ tab; however this is not a solution.

    Users need to be able to include attachments in their post… that’s the whole point of the plugin. Essentially it is broken if users are not allowed to have attachments.

    Please provide a fix as I am not the only user with this issue and it’s been going on for a year.

    Plugin Author Tareq Hasan


    The plugin lets you to add attachment to posts and if you check that option above, it displays all the attached images to that post below the post. That is the function.

    If you aren’t happy with it, customize the way you like it.

    Hello! Im from not english language country. Sorry my english.
    I use this plugin. After install I want to create page with labels. I checked Enable Featured Image upload and Allow attachments. Saved. On page I can see all labels with buttons to attach image or file. BUT!! When i press button “Add” – do nothing. I cannt choose file. Why?

    Tareq… your plugin is broken.

    Why would I want the user to add an attachment, but not show it? It makes no sense what you are saying.

    It would be fine if it worked the way you mention, however in addition it hijacks all other attachments throughout my entire website and inserts them as thumbnails on the bottom of the page. That’s is not something I signed up for when installing your plugin. You don’t mention it, it is not a ‘feature’ and I know you know it is a problem, yet you refuse to fix it.

    Why don’t you try providing a solution? Are you EVER going to update this plugin?

    Okay so I found the solution…

    Here is how to make the thumbnails go away and still allow users to post images:

    Disable “Show attachments in the post” on the Others Tab.
    Disable “featured image” and Disable “allow attachments” in the Front End Posting Tab.

    This will force users to only use the ‘Add Media’ link with their post and is the only way users will be able to add a photo and 1) have it appear and 2) not have thumbnails everywhere.

    Images working, if Allow attachments is Disable. But i need attachments.. I want to attach txt or doc file.. Maybe anybody know another plugin?

    You can upload any type of media using the Add media link. doc and txt files will upload and insert into your post as a text link.

    I tested it and it’s working.

    tell me pls how? users must create posts without admin-part on special page. I donnt know all about wordpress and I cannt find more information in this trouble

    I’m not sure exactly where you’re having trouble. Here is the setup instructions: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-user-frontend/installation/

    If you continue to have problems you will need to create a new thread as this issue is resolved.

    Old Coast Design, tell me please, how are you doing attachments?
    when I press button ADD – page go up and nothing more..

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