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    I’ve been using the Feedzy plugin for some time now, but after several recent updates the thumbnails from Google News RSS feeds are no longer displaying at all. (You can see my examples here, I have two feeds on one page, plus the feed in a widget on the right: )

    Another issue (that’s not as big of a deal) is that the title of each article is repeated again in the first part of the article description, together with the name of the source, before continuing on to the *actual* excerpt article description. That’s annoying and ugly, but not the end of the world (though it’d be nice to fix that if anyone knows how). Having thumbnails would be better if I had to choose between fixing one of those two problems.

    I’ve read others in the forum having similar problems and some mentioned rolling back to previous versions. I’ve tried rolling back down to 3.0.12 and none of the rollbacks work. (Actually, from 3.2.6 and below it produces various errors including not showing the feed at all in some instances… so rolling back is *not* a solution that I’ve found works).

    Do thumbnails work for *anyone* using Feedzy RSS right now? If so, what is different about your feed that allows your thumbnails to work? I’d love to have thumbnails for my feed, as it makes the feed much more appealing than just text.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Could you give us an update? It’s been more than 3 months.

    I’m using 3.3.4 and on one of my feeds I still have difficulty getting the thumbnail to appear (it does, it doesn’t, not clear why). The only cure seems to be choosing some other feed, but that’s a lot of experimenting, and ultimately I don’t get to use the feed I really want.

    Also, I put a custom thumbnail image in, which works great for the articles with no thumbnail, but if an article has its own thumbnail that is a PNG with transparency, you can see parts of my custom thumbnail underneath. I think it should be that if there is any kind of thumbnail available from the RSS feed, that the custom thumbnail is not displayed (and not simply hidden behind the article’s thumbnail).


    Thank you for reaching out and apologies for the late reply.

    First of all, in order to make sure we have clarity, all the feeds must be tested to make sure their structure is correct. The feeds may work to display some content but perhaps the images are not part of the feed’s structure or they are incorrectly set. In order to check the feed’s validity, please follow this guide ->

    Secondly, every once in a while, I noticed that sometimes, choosing the Yes option instead of Auto did the job for some cases. See this screenshot ->

    Also, setting a default thumbnail to show in case there is no picture in the feed to be shown might also be a good approach.

    As a final confirmation, Feedzy can display thumbnails, if the feed has them. For instance, here is an example of using a bbc news feed -> and this one ->

    Hope this helps.

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    I’m closing this ticket as everything has been explained above. In case this is still an issue, please create a new ticket.

    Looking into the content of the google and bing rss feeds, images are http while the feed is https and feedzy says it doesn’t display these. If you type the http feed url from bing it forwards to an https address and shows fine. Can anybody suggest how to create a filter that will convert all http image address in the feed to https? Maybe this would solve the problem?

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