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  • Hi,

    the website worked perfectly for an year until now when I got this problem: the thumbnails are not displayed anymore on homepage and category pages ( and

    I have discovered in the page source that the wrong display of the thumbnails comes from the thumb picture URL was somehow changed without any human intervention. Please see below:

    <img src=”/home/ftpuser/” class=”post-thumb”..>

    instead of <img src=”/wp-content/uploads/et_temp/carte-16187_130x130.jpg” class=”post-thumb”..>

    I went to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Media > ‘Store uploads in this folder’ = ‘wp-content/uploads’ but nothing changed.

    The wp-content/uploads folder looks this:
    – 2011
    – 2012
    – et_temp

    Where to manually change the path to pictures so it would find the files for thumbnails?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


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  • Hi Mihai,

    I am having a similar problem with thumbnails, although it happens on a clone copy of my website I use as a sandbox for testing purposes.
    In your example the “img src” tag was altered, in my case it became empty (img src=””). As a result I see empty frames where the thumbnails should appear.
    As pointed out in your example, that source path should point to thumbnails stored in the folder et_temp.

    After some research I found out that full size images loaded via the WP Media Library are stored in “uploads/xx”, (xx being the month) while thumbnails are stored in both “uploads/xx” and “et_temp” folders. The former contains official WP thumbnails whose size is defined in the Settings/Media menu, while the latter appears to contain thumbnails created by the theme.

    The database dump I made as a backup contains only paths to the full size images uploaded to the “uploads” folder, but no references to the thumbnails. Where are the full paths to the thumbnails stored?

    How do webpages get the source data (img src) to point to the correct thumbnail path in et_temp? Apparently not from the MySQL database.

    Can anyone shed light on this?

    Thanks for your help.

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