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  • @fneurieser an URL to the page with the problem would be useful.
    And what update are you talking about?

    hello, sorry I forgot the URL
    latest update: wp latest version,
    nextgen latest version too.
    take a look on the article ‘Packer Stausee’

    @fneurieser The galleries with 4 thumbnails in columns is given by your portfolio theme, not Nextgen.
    With Nextgen you have: “no images were found” and that’s because you wrote in your page
    [ ngg_images image_ids="2,3,5" display_type="photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails" ]
    with space. You have to wrote
    [ngg_images image_ids="2,3,5" display_type="photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails"] instead


    thank’s for the hint, there was another error too. I used the wrong gallery_ids. Now that I’ve corrected it, the same situation persists.
    Any other idea?

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @tizz – Thanks!

    @fneurieser – I would suggest first changing your Permalinks to something other than the standard Default, perhaps “Post name” or “Month name” this may help correct the issue with the thumbnails (although I suspect a possible theme issue) but more likely it will correct the issue with the Lightbox Effects not working as well.

    – Cais.

    @tizz – Thank you for your help.

    @photocrati – I’ve now changed the permalinks to ‘month name’ but there was no change to the issue. I don’t think it’s an theme issue. It worked before the upgrade to wp 3.8.1; the theme Designfolio in version 1.23 didn’t change. So I don’t know what else could be the reason.


    @fneurieser, it seems like a conflict with Easy FancyBox plugin that you are using. So try to deactivate it.
    You don’t need another plugin for lightbox, NGG has his own lighbox effects and this can give conflict.

    @tizz – Thanks for the hint, but I tried to deactivate Easy Fancy Box and you can see now the result – nothing changed except that there is no lightbox any longer ?! I’m totally confused by now.

    @fneurieser, is definitely a conflict. As I said earlier, your theme is a portfolio and it also uses his fancy box.
    If you want to see if NGG works in your installation, you should try with a WordPress default theme and no other plugins activated, check some options in NGG settings (as lightbox effect) and use the above shortcode (or ATP button in editor) in the page. If it works, then is definitely a conflict theme/plugin.

    @tizz – Ok, thanks for the info. I’ll give it a try later in the evening. Thanks so far.

    kinde regards

    @tizz – got it!

    I’ve now used theme ‘Twenty fourteen’ and disabled one plugin after another. As I disabled ‘Bannerize’ a modul of wpXtreme, ngg showed up the pictures in one row, but unfortunately there a only three pics in one row and one pic in the second one.

    I know I’m impertinent but may I ask you a question?
    Is it possible to change the standard template so that I can show up to 4 pics in one row and how can I solve this?

    Many thanks for your help and kind regards

    @fneurieser, for a bit the fourth thumb now hasn’t enough space in the same line, so give to all thumbs a max 95px width should works.
    If you change theme and you have more room for thumbs in the page, you can try to leave same sizes as you have now, but setting “0” as the number of columns in Gallery settings > Basic thumbnails.

    @tizz – oh, thumbsize changed to 95px width and “0” for columns is already set. now it works as suggested. but what if I want to use another theme? are there always problems like this one?
    what to you take care about when trying to use a theme together with ngg?

    kind regards

    Potentially NGG should work with all well-written and updated themes – and generally speaking it’s more common to have conflicts with plugins than themes.
    Each theme can show the gallery in a different way according to the template but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, simply you have to rearrange gallery.
    Then there are some themes with many options, shortcodes and scripts that can give problems to some plugins, not only NGG.
    While you have every plugin deactivated but NGG, you can try now how it works with your current theme.
    I don’t know if your theme has some particular templates to choose from, maybe you should try with a standard template while using your theme.

    @tizz – once again thanks a lot for your help and patience.

    kind regards

    edit: it works now with my old theme as well – thanks again.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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