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  • I have 3 queries (sorry!):

    1) I’ve installed the Auto Post Thumbnail plugin, which automatically generates the Post Thumbnail (Featured Thumbnail) from the first image in a post if the Post Thumbnail is not set manually. Is there a way to get the WordPress Related Posts plugin to detect and use these new thumbnails?

    2) When I upload my custom default thumbnail and press “Save changes”, it doesn’t show up in my posts. It also doesn’t display in the Settings page either. It’s like it just doesn’t “take” or activate. I’ve tried emptying the cache.

    See, for example, my blog post

    3) How do I reset the analytics for the plugin?

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  • I solved the second of my queries by uploading an image larger than 150 x 150px (I think you should specify somewhere that the image needs to be larger than 150 x 150, otherwise it can get frustrating).

    My other 2 queries still stand though. Thanks!

    Hey, thanks for reaching out and please accept my apologies for not responding any earlier! Won’t happen again — sorry!

    Yes, in order for our plugin to extract thumbnails from your images, they have to be as big as or bigger than 151×151 pixels. Glad you found your way around this problem! 🙂

    As for your other two inquires — the analytics cannot be reseted, I’m afraid, except if you switch to our another related posts plugin called ‘Related Posts‘. From tomorrow on (with the next update), it’ll be identical to the one you are currently using, but it’ll also start to count your stats from the beginning.

    Lastly — does our plugin not detect those newly created featured images that the ‘Auto Post Thumbnails’ plugin has created? Were they showing up before you installed this plugin? Also — have you contacted their support team for any clues?

    The thing is, I’ve tried it out on my end and the same (correct) thumbnails were showing up before & after I re-generated the thumbnails with that plugin. Or am I missing something out?

    Let me know, I’ll do my best to help you out! Take care!


    Thanks for that.

    With regard to my third query, I think you’re right and that the correct thumbnails are displaying. Sorry – I think I got confused.

    Thanks for the tip about the Related Posts plugin. I have downloaded it and will activate it once it is updated. If it’s identical to the one I’m using, I’m happy to switch.

    No need to apologize for anything! And yes, it’s identical to the one you are currently using & it will start to count your stats from the beginning.

    Let me know if you have any more questions — I’ll do my best to help you out! Take care!


    Maybe I’m doing something wrong but the stats didn’t reset. I wrote down the settings for the WordPress Related Posts plugin (just in case they got lost) and then deactivated it. Then I upgraded the Related Posts plugin and activated it. But when I went to adjust the Related Posts plugin settings, all the same settings as for the WordPress Related Posts plugin were there – even my custom default thumbnail had already been uploaded. Why would that be? I even deleted the WordPress Related Posts plugin but that didn’t change anything. I can live with the stats not being at 0 again but I’m curious, I guess, about how this happened.

    Hey Tom, big sorry for not responding any sooner, but we were honestly wondering what was the best way to get this thing sorted in your existing plugin.

    We think we found a way, but would rather keep this conversation going via our email thread. We’ve sent you one yesterday, and were wondering what are you thoughts about it.

    Let us know, we’re eager to help! Take care!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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