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    Nice theme. But just one thing. Does the theme not use thumbnails for the front page of the blog? It seems to use the same, full sized image that is inserted into the post.

    Any way to have it list my posts on the front blog page with nice, uniform thumbnails for each post?



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    Hi TopSpots…sorry for late replay as I see WP does not send notifications.

    The theme does use thumbnails for each post intro, whether you have the blog as the front page or if you are using the Static Front Page method of WordPress where your blog is inside and not on the front page.

    With a post, you would use the “Featured Image” method that WordPress has in the lower right column in the post editor page. You get the option to use wide intro images or small. This can be set from the theme’s Customizer for theme options.

    I’m not sure if you are registered on my site for support, but there is a link in the theme files called Readme.html which has a link to register (free of course). This will get you access to detailed documentation (with screenshots) for all of this and more.

    IF you still run into problems, let me know. Long story short, you have the option to use small or full width featured images on your post intros. I do recommend cropping and sizing your images before uploading as this gives you a lot more control over how your thumbnails look.


    I have it set to small.

    But if I have an image in the post… it does not automatically use that image for the thumbnail. And if I use a featured image… the front page of the site (latest blog posts) now shows two of the same image… the featured and the image in the post.

    What am I missing. Many themes just use the media settings of WP and create a 150 x 150 thumbnail automatically.

    ~ Louie

    Theme Author Styled Themes


    Hi Louie….do you have a link to your site you are working on? Or contact me using my contact form from my site. I might be easier for me to see this for what you are trying to do and try to replicate it on my own test site, because unless I am misunderstanding something here, something else is being missed.

    What I’ve done so far is setup a new install of WP locally where the blog is the front page and then created a couple posts, added my own thumbnail and it worked, then I did the second post with the featured image method, same thing.

    So now I am curious 🙂

    Hey Andre…

    The blog I am doing is for someone else. And the only post they have up does not have a picture right now.

    I just created a test post with just a line of text and an image.

    And I see the entire blog post on the front page… with the full size image.

    The blog is here:

    I guess what I am wondering is whether the theme will do something like this:

    or this:

    You know… just showing excerpts on the blog front page.

    Can you point me to your test blog, where the blog (latest posts) is the front page?

    I’d like to see if what you’ve got is whet I am trying to do.

    Thanks so much for your help!

    ~ Louie

    Theme Author Styled Themes


    Hi Louie….absolutely it can do that with the small blog thumbnail. With the local (on my computer) setup of a new WP install and installed the Celestial Lite, here is the result when I switch the blog image to being small (using the theme options customizer).


    So it looks like something is being missed…I can provide a step-by-step tutorial here if you need one, then we can see if it works for you. If not, then I may need access to the site you are working on and I can get it working for you.


    Well. I am definitely missing something then.

    To get the thumbnail I need to use the Featured Image function. Right?

    And do I need to create the thumbnail… or is it WP “auto” generated?

    I will check back. (Gotta run out for a bit.)
    Thanks so much for your help.

    If I can’t make it happen pretty simply… I’m typically pretty good at this stuff… then I can certainly give you access to the admin.

    ~ Louie

    Theme Author Styled Themes


    Hi Louie….Featured image, correct. The dynamic responsive structure will also resize the image to fit in the space it needs so it should be fine for almost any image you upload as it will automatically resize (downsize) the image to fit that space.

    If this still does not work for you, then contact me from my website contact page with the login info and I be more than happy to take a look.


    Well, here’s what happens when I use a featured image…

    See bottom of page post:

    Theme Author Styled Themes


    Thanks for the link… I see you have both an image and an intro Featured Image which is why it looks like that because there is not a lot of text content above the inserted image in the content part. So my question would be: What would you like to do with this kind of post, insert an image in the content part or use the Featured Image for the intro only?

    There is one option if you want to achieve the result of using the Featured Image for the intro and then display the other image when someone clicks to see the full post. Right after the text content “This is a test…” split the post from the editor by using the “Insert More Tag” function. It’s the small icon on the editor with a square and a dotted line going through it. This will split your post into an intro and then add a “Read More” button or link which when a person clicks on it, they will see the full post and your photo you inserted into it.

    The other option is to not use the Featured Image part, but add your text content and insert your image where you want into the page content using the editor. This would also be without using the “Inset More Tag” function to split the post into an intro and full post.

    Hope that sounds not too confusing as I had to read this twice myself 🙂


    So the answer (I think) is all in using the “Insert More” tag.

    Some themes just create an excerpt of a certain length, by default.

    I know what you are suggesting. And I am sure that will do it.

    Thanks again!

    ~ Louie


    That does it.


    It would be nice if you had a thumbnail option to

    1. Use the first image in the post as thumbnail
    2. Use Featured image as thumbnail

    For us lazy people. 🙂

    ~ Louie

    Theme Author Styled Themes


    You’re welcome, but let’s wait and see how this works out before we consider this posting here as solved; I want to make sure you get the final result you are wanting.

    – Andre

    Theme Author Styled Themes


    lol… well the Featured Image function is part of WordPress which is what gives you the intro image. As for total management of post thumbnails, I think there’s some plugins that do things like that, such as grabbing the first image as an intro thumbnail, among other things.

    Anyway, hopefully you are good to go with things now? If so, might want to click on the “Mark this topic as resolved” 🙂

    ..unless you have another question relating to this thread?


    I know how to get what I want.

    So. Good to go.

    And I really do appreciate your help on this. That speaks volumes for you and your support!

    Just so you know… I did take a look at your pro version. And it looks sweet. No need for it on this little project, but I may want / need it in the future.

    If purchased… how many sites will the license cover?

    ~ Louie


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