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  • Jer Turowetz


    I have a lot of animated gifs uploaded to my media library and, because WordPress doesn’t compress animated gifs, the media library thumbs end up being scaled full size images making the media library slow as all heavens.

    I am thinking to filter the media library thumbs but have been digging through the docs for hours and am having a hard time finding appropriate filters. Any direction with the appropriate filters or advice on a different approach would be appreciated.

    As a general note, this should be handled better e.g. images without thumbs should not just be scaled down when showing a robust library view. Like some type of mime type check before deciding to fetch the full size?

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  • kgagne


    WordPress doesn’t compress animated gifs

    I just tested this by uploading an animated file, source.gif, to my site. WordPress 5.2.4 created two intermediate, non-animated images: source-150x150.gif and source-300x300.gif. These are what show when I view my media library in either list or grid view.

    It sounds like this is not your experience?

    Jer Turowetz


    So my issue was the result of the animated gifs hitting the imagemagick ram limit (they were big gifs) and so WordPress wasn’t creating intermediate sizes.

    The issue is that when intermediate sizes don’t get created, the media library uses the full size image as the tumbnale and just scales it down (there were 25+ 1920px animated gifs in a single view slowing everything down).

    Ideally, if files are too large for imagemagick (maybe just gifs), an icon would be used instead of the full size image? Thoughts?

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