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  • Hi,
    I’m trying to set your (awesome) plugin on my website but i’m encountering some issues :

    I can’t use the widget version, i have to put your code in my template. The plugin just doesnt want to stay active :
    i set it up, and save. In front : nothing. If I refresh the widget page : Nothing.

    So i use this in my sidebar.php :

    But when i set the thumbnail source to “Custom fields” in the back office, the plugin put instead the “featured” image. But i dont have featured images (yeah booooh. I regret it too).
    And because of that, i only get the “default” thumbnail.
    Here why i’m thinking about this source of bug : i get this in my html <img class="wpp-thumbnail wpp_def_noPath wpp_featured" [...] />

    I’m going to “hack” your plugin to fix this on my blog, but i’m not able to tell you why it’s broken, or how to fix it (if this bug is present somewhere else on the internet ^^).

    If you have some questions, go ahead i’ll try to give you more information 🙂

    See ya

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  • Plugin Author Hector Cabrera


    Hi there,

    I’m sorry, your comment doesn’t make much sense to me. What do you mean with “the plugin just doesn’t want to stay active” and “i set it up, and save. In front : nothing. If I refresh the widget page : nothing.”? Does it show any errors at all?

    Also, please consider using when adding lines of code to your comment.

    Hi, thanks for your answer 🙂

    Sorry for my poor explanation !

    Let’s start again :
    – I can’t active your plugin in the widget page.

    Step by step :

    1. I go to :
    2. I drag and Drop your plugin in my sidebar
    3. I configure the settings (time range, …)
    4. I save.
    5. If I go check the result on the front office, nothing appears.
    6. If I refresh “”, the widget “wordpress most popular” isn’t in my sidebar anymore. It is back in “Available Widgets”

    I dont’t get any error, message or whatsoever in the back office.

    – A question : If i use wpp_get_mostpopular(); in my template (instead of using the widget), does it take the settings of the plugins choosen in “” section Tool ? (Like “Thumbnail source”),
    Or do i need to configure this in my template too ?

    – My other problem is :
    If i set the thumbnail source to “Custom field”, i get the html class “wpp_featured” on the image (and this class is define in your code with something like wpp_{source}; if i correctly understood your code), and that is why i think that the parameter of “thumbnail source” isn’t correctly retrieve on my website 🙂

    PS :
    Yesterday i made some modifications on the function get_img(); (it’s not really clean sorry… :/ It’s just a temporary fix, for waiting the v2 of our website in december) and i fixed the behavior of the plugins on my website. I removed some treatments, here what it looks like now :

    Plugin Author Hector Cabrera


    Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation! Are you, by any chance, running WordPress 3.6?

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