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  • ok now

    Any idea how or why this was resolved?
    Having the same issue here…

    This is NOT resolved. I am experiencing this problem on all 3 sites that use the plugin.

    WP: 3.5.1
    Hosting: WPEngine

    Thanks! -Rich

    I have this problem too, but only with Firefox, it works with IE

    Plugin Author Eric


    Generic troubleshooting steps for “unclickable” thumbnails can be found here.

    Or feel free to post the URL to your site(s) and we’ll take a look. This type of issue is usually easily diagnosed remotely.


    I’ve diagnosed with Firebug, and can’t find the issue. The thumbnails work with IE, but not with Firefox.

    I run tubepress on a few sites, and it’s the same with all of them, FF issues, but it’s ok with IE.

    Plugin Author Eric


    Were you able to figure out the problem? I just tested your site with FF 20.0 on Linux and Windows. Worked fine with both.

    If you’re still experiencing difficulty, Which OS and version of FF are you using?

    When I click on a thumbnail the video player gets greyed out. I looked at it in Firebug, and I got this error SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character. I’m using Responsive Theme.

    EDIT: I am developing locally. Could that be the problem? My problem seems to match the description here ( cross domain ajax.

    Plugin Author Eric



    View the response from your server when you click on a thumbnail. See this screenshot for how to do that with Firebug. Chances are that there is an error message of some kind in there, as opposed to the pure JSON that TubePress expects.

    I am using TubePress 3.0.1 on a WP 3.5.1 installation on a shared linux server (PHP 5.2). I am having exactly the same thumbnails issue.

    The videos and thumbnails display great for both YouTube and Vimeo, and the first video runs without issue. The thumbnails either do not load videos or simply fade out the video box (depending on the browser). I am thinking that this issue is due to the Cross Domain Ajax issue as my Site and WordPress URL are both set to but the tubepress documentation indicates that the ajax call is most likely to I am fairly versatile with manipulating my .htaccess file but I still can’t seem to get the thumbnails to load properly. Firebug hasn’t helped to fix the issue either.

    I’ve deactivated all the existing plugins to better isolate troubleshooting this issue, and you can view the tubepress installation at I’d greatly appreciate if you can provide the necessary mod rewrite to insert into my .htaccess file so that I can get the thumbnails to load properly or if there is a better way to resolve this issue. Thanks.


    jcarrier how did you solve it?
    Thanks in advance, I´m having the same problem.

    Plugin Author Eric


    @jcarrier, looks like you solved your issue?

    @comprido, please post a link to your site and we’ll take a look.


    In working at localhost, but job is almost finished, basically I need to play the Youtube channel LosarcanosTV for my client. Due to the theme configuration I decide to play reloading the page at this moment.

    Maybe tomorrow I´ll improve my new theme under so I´ll post again here to solve, thanks in advance for your response!

    I did actually. I have Hostgator which is a fantastic hosting provider (simple default permissions reset – imagine that) but I still need to know two things. First, how can I add a YouTube channel? Second, I know about the API latency issue but my videos for YouTube trending are over five months old mostly January time frame. Hopefully that can be fixed?

    Please take a look at the website again and advise how I can add a YouTube channel most likely as a short code and how I can have more recent videos. For example, YouTube trending should be based on today not 3 months ago. Thanks again.

    Thumbnails don’t play ->

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