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    Hi everybody.
    You might think this was resolved a lot of times but trust me – no post on forum help with my problem.
    I’m running a site:

    Everything was ok until one day one image wouldn’t show up. I thought the problem was with the pic, but like 3 days later (during which NOTHING happened on the site as I was away), all the images went missing. Not totally though, since if you click on any post, they appear. But not on the main page and archives.
    Some people wrote that it happens when they update posts. Nor in my case.
    Some people say to upload a clean version of index.php. Still nothing.
    I’m clueless.
    Please help.

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  • Hi Child,

    My initial thoughts say there are only a few things could possibly have happened to cause this –

    1. The code for the loop that displays your code has changed;
    2. You have updated your version of WP and a function that you were using is no longer valid;
    3. You have updated a plugin and it is causing an error;
    4. You have some milicious code on your site.

    I know you say nothing has been changed, but it’s important that we ask these questions to get to the bottom of the issue –

    First off, I would like to eliminate the obvious – Disable all of your plugins 1 by 1 and check the site. If it works all of a sudden then it must be the plugin causing the issue.

    What theme are you using? Is it custom or one that you got through WP? If it is not custom, has it been updated recently?

    Have you updated the version of WP that you are using lately?

    If you have tried all the above, try downloading a fresh version of WP (a full install, not through the updater on the site). If there is some corrution in one or more of your files caused by either a general error (rare, but can happen) or milicious code then this should fix it.

    If you do all this and you are still having issues then I think that it could only be a problem with the theme that you are using.


    Disabling widgets did not help.

    I’m afraid to lose all my stuff from the site, I installed fresh WP and tried to import everything. I couldn’t. There was some kind of error.

    to answer the questions:
    I use sportpress theme – it has never been updated.
    I use the newest version of WP, but I updated it in mid-June, and the problem occured in mid-August.
    I really do not know what to do…

    OK, I just managed to confirm that the problem must be somewhere in the theme. I made a new site, then copied the old theme there and the problem returned.
    Now how do I fix that?:)

    In case anybody would have the same problem in the future:

    I’m not an expert so I don’t know if this can be found in all the themes but in my case it was one php file located, genarally:


    And it is called timthumb.php
    I deleted it and copied a new one (from fresh installation of the theme) there. Problem solved.

    duck_boy, thanks for your reply – it was very helpful. I followed your steps and that is how I have discovered the problem.
    Thanks again!

    You’re welcome, glad you got it sorted in the end.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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