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  • I’m looking for an image upload hack that will allow for easy upload of images and thumbnails. I tried Migon’s hack but it seems to be written for B2 and I can’t get it to work. Help there would be appreciated. I would also like to add these thumbnails to my posts as fancy floating pics that the text of the article wraps around. My apparent hero, Migon, has a great example of this on his site. Anyone have hacks that create thumbnails and insert them with the proper coding so they “float”? If not, anyone know a fix for Migon’s hack, and code to float images as shown here?
    Thanks In Advance!

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  • image upload and thumbnail creating facility is already present in the nightlies.
    and as for wrapping images with text, align text works fine with attributes like hspace and vspace!

    I’m also searching for this sort of features or hack and also a page layout with all thumbnails preview depends on which directory it’s pointing to. 🙁
    Why not use coppermine or gallery? Because I love WordPress and I hate to brake something if I even try to implement those onto my blog. What I want is what Kayaker mentioned and a preview all thumbnails page.
    I might have to do some poking around with other photo gallery applications.

    well all the recent nightlies have these and working too.
    and the problem might be related to ur host. thumbnail creation might require some libraries… dunno if they are common ones or not!

    The float hack is relatively simple. You can find it here (adds a couple of buttons to your admin interface)
    You might have to change it a bit to suit WordPress 1.0+ but use a similar idea.

    1.2 alpha 3/22/04 Nightly doesn’t seem to have the button for the file upload that my 1.01 has. I’ve ‘trued’ it in the upload options, but don’t see it in the write/edit and/or advanced screen.
    I tried out Alex’s quicktags hack script. Very cool! I even got crazy and modified it.Whoa…
    Thanks again for all the help and hacks!!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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